Offshore Sailing School Alumni Testimonials

The testimonials and reviews in this section are from graduates who filled out evaluations in recent years. Many give us permission to post their contact information and are happy to talk to you about their experiences with Offshore Sailing School. The Learn to Sail OSS 101 and Fast Track to Cruising® Courses OSS 101/103/104 and OSS 101/103/104/114 are our best sellers. Read what our graduates have to say, then join us! We invite our graduates to post a Google review here.

Be Inspired

Here’s a letter we thought you would all like to read. It is truly inspiring!

Three people gathered up for a photo“It was a thrill to have my picture taken with two such incredible sailors (Doris and Steve Colgate) and the reason why I have been sailing ever since I first stepped into your sailing school in City Island, NY in 1977. I took your summer courses for two consecutive years. On the third year I bought my first Cape Dory 25 and sailed all over Long Island Sound with her. In 1984 I moved to Miami, FL and in 1997 I sold the 25 and bought a Cape Dory 33, which I still single hand today. Sailing is my passion too. I am always delighted to read about your activities and even more delighted to have seen both of you in person.”
Zeida Cecilia-Mendez – Miami, FL

If You are Just Getting Started

In three days in Learn to Sail OSS 101, you gain the experience to handle boats up to 30’ in heavy and light air. In just one week of training in Fast Track to Cruising® OSS 101/103/104 and OSS 101/103/104/114 you are ready to start bareboat cruising catamarans and monohulls up to 50’ – even if you had no prior sailing experience.