Performance Sailing Course & Performance Race Week® Testimonials

6.18_Hermann_Jay_2014Performance Race Week is a great experience that can accelerate the learning curve for those of us who want to learn to sail fast but can’t get enough sailing time in during our normal lives to gain the experience to do so quickly. Bring your crew to sail the Colgate 26 and return home with a new set of racing skills and sailing friends from around the world. Performance Race Week is a well-organized, safe event with world class curriculum.

Jay Hermann – Denver, CO

Fast Track to Performance Race Week – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.18_Holmes_Robert_and_JanetHolmes_2014The Performance Sailing course was wonderful. It far exceeded our expectations, which were very high to begin with, due to our first experience with “Learn to Sail” at Offshore. Our instructor Bart Lauden was very compassionate about our sailing experience, he totally understood our comfort level and pushed us far beyond. He demanded that we trust the Colgate 26 and our own sailing abilities. We had great wind and even got the Colgate up on plane, very exciting. Our desire at the beginning of the course was to increase our knowledge of sail controls and to gain greater confidence in stronger winds. Boy, did we learn! In short we were elated with the course, we were thirsty for more sailing knowledge, and we came away with a comprehensive understanding of boat balance, sail shape, and chute flying. Our own 22 footer will sing with our new found knowledge! Thank you Bart and Offshore Sailing School.

Robert and Janet Holmes – Barrie Ontario

Performance Sailing Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.18_van-der-Baars_Sissi_2014Brian was a great instructor! He was patient, knowledgeable and very pleasant. I ended up with a lot of knowledge and self-confidence!

Sissi van der Baars – Sanibel, FL

Performance Sailing Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.18_Briggs_Laura_2014We could not imagine a better instructor than Brian. He made all the abstract of the course book concrete in the class and on the water. Best instructor of any kind we’ve come across. In addition he was patient and kind – never seems to tire from our repeated mistakes. He also inspired us to continue to learn. It was one of the most challenging and satisfying weeks! We came away feeling deeply “grounded” in our knowledge of better sailing techniques. And setting the spinnaker was a blast. A fantastic week!

Laura Briggs – Camby, IN

Performance Sailing Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014


Race week was absolutely the BEST!!! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to come and would love to come back again next year. Many thanks again for a wonderful and really educational week. I can’t believe how much I learned!!! And I loved meting all the other participants and of course our coach Annie, who was the best of the best!

Kim Frisbie (on right) – Nantucket, MA

Performance Race Week – Captiva Island, FL – 2012 and 2014


Performance Race Week was a very fine, complete, experience. I was a novice sailor. The curriculum brought my skills up a lot and the coaching staff was patient and professional. The other students ran the spectrum from very accomplished to not so. The more advanced were ready to help us beginners raise our skill level.

Earle “Chip” Bessey – Waterville, ME

Performance Race Week – Captiva Island, FL – 2014


A great customer service experience from registration to course completion. The quality and investment in training you provide all of your staff shows. Thank you for making my experience and the experience of my team mates so wonderful.

Nora Rea-rubert – Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Performance Sailing Course – Ft. Myers Beach, FL – 2013


St. Petersburg was great! The restaurants superb – lots of choices. The hotel was fine. Jacek met us each day at the hotel. His teaching style allowed us to really learn a lot in 3 days! Jacek showed us many, many things that will make sailing much simpler in the future. His interest in our learning was genuine. His dedication made everything from flying the spinnaker to cleaning the boat memorable. Jacek was everything you’d ever want in a teacher: punctual, attentive, answered all of our questions, polite.

Peter and Julia Vagovic – Augusta, GA


Performance Sailing Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2013