Two-Day Introduction to Sailing Course

Marsha and I love the water and have always been interested in learning to sail. Your intro course was perfect for us. Just the right amount of instruction and hands on experience to whet our interest and build confidence. We are interested in taking the three or five day Learn to Sail Course now.

Rick and Marsha Poore – Leesport, PA

Two Day Introduction to Sailing – St. Michaels, MD – 2013

COAST – Colgate Offshore Accelerated Sail Training

6.20_Travelle_Jacob_2014Jacek, hands down, has to be the best formal teacher I’ve ever had in anything. The amount of sailing knowledge he possesses, ability to teach said knowledge, and patience, support, and professionalism was nothing short of remarkable. For someone like myself, living on a budget the experience he helped deliver made me feel the money I spent was more than worth it!! My overall experience was fantastic. It was challenging, yet very rewarding. I went into the Fast Track to Cruising course apprehensive and knowing very little, and walked away confident and thirsty for more. I can’t wait for the rest of the COAST program!!

Jacob Travelle – Austin, TX

Fast Track to Cruising Course (1st step of COAST) – St. Petersburg, FL – 2014

6.20_Hudson_Robb_LipariCPM-turqshirt_2013Having never really sailed prior to beginning my COAST program training, I can now say I’ve acquired the knowledge, skills and confidence to sail both monohulls and catamarans. I can only thank the wonderful OFFSHORE instructors that I’ve had the privilege to learn under. The quality of instruction I’ve received has been far beyond my expectation.

Robb Hudson (in turquoise shirt) – Ft. Mills, SC

Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands 2013
Fast Track to Coastal Passage Making Course – 2013