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Catamaran or Monohull Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115

For Experienced Sailors Who Want to Improve Docking and Maneuvering Skills

This advanced course is for sailors who have cruising experience and hold US Sailing Bareboat Cruising or equivalent certification. The Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115 is designed for those who want to advance their docking and maneuvering skills on a 40’-50’ sail cruising monohull or catamaran yacht for future chartering or ownership.

Focusing on Maneuvering in Close Quarters Under Power

Prior knowledge and skills should include the ability to confidently sail and maneuver 40’-50’ yachts. Those who sign up for this Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115 should be at ease with sailing a cruising boat  in any weather conditions, with chart reading and navigation, anchor types and scope, among others that are taught in the Offshore Sailing School Live Aboard Cruising Course on monohulls or catamarans.

For Catamaran Sailors, Close Quarters is Great in Combination with Catamaran Refresher Course, OSS 114

There is no sailing in this course. All instruction is done only under power, with repetitive practice designed to build ultimate confidence in maneuvering a large sailing yacht in close quarters. The Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115 is a “stay-ashore” course, meaning you will practice on the water under power, and return to your accommodations at the Westin Cape Coral Resort, or Pink Shell Beach Resort, or South Seas Island Resort in Southwest Florida each night. The entire course is covered in 21.5 hours of instruction aboard an Offshore Sailing School 40’ or larger sailing yacht. Close Quarters instruction is covered in 2.5 days – Thursday and Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You may depart for home late afternoon on Saturday or add an extra night when booking this course and leave the next day. When making travel plans for this course, arrival should be Wednesday, departure late Saturday or Sunday (with extra night).

Taught by Offshore Sailing School’s US Sailing-Certified Instructors 

The maximum number of students taught in this Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115 is four per session, per boat with a certified US Sailing instructor experienced in teaching on large monohulls and catamarans. Participants will rotate through all the tasks, covering these important skills to fully prepare for handling big boats in close quarters without hired crew:

  • Short introduction to the course and subjects to be covered
  • Weather as it relates to the docking area where the course takes place
  • Trouble shooting tips for engine issues
  • Standard docking alongside
  • Single engine docking
  • Med-moor docking both bow-in and stern-in
  • Anchoring in close quarters for stern-in med mooring
  • Maneuvering in close quarters

If you really want to be an “expert” at sailing and maneuvering a big sail catamaran or monohull on your own, or on a bareboat charter – you may want to take OSS 114 and OSS 115 back to back, for five days of total immersion in handling a sailing cat!

Space is Limited to Four Students Per Session, Sign Up NOW!

Call right away for package costs for this super comprehensive course. There is a lot to cover and every day is full of instruction.  Here is what is included in the Close Quarters Maneuvering Course OSS 115:

  • 21.5 hours of instruction
  • Three nights’ accommodations at the Westin Cape Coral Resort, or Pink Shell Beach Resort, or South Seas Island Resort with tax and resort fee in Southwest, Florida
  • Box lunches each day
  • Course diploma

All participants are required to complete a sailing resume before confirmation in the course – attesting to experience, knowledge and skill. Space is limited! For available dates and confirmation of rates, call . . .

800-221-4326 or 239-454-1700