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Tips for Comfort Aboard

How to Feel Safe Aboard

In this sailboat safety video, you learn what you should have aboard to keep you safe, and features to look for in a sailboat when starting out.

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What to Wear and Bring Aboard

This liveaboard sailboat advice video explains what you should wear and bring aboard for comfort.

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How To Recover Someone Who Goes Overboard

There are several techniques for picking up someone who has gone overboard. In this video, Kevin Wensley, former Offshore Sailing School Director of Operations, explains how to quickly and safely bring someone back aboard.

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Creature Comforts on a Cruising Boat

This video tours a Jeanneau 439 cruising boat, and explains what you might expect to find aboard a live aboard sailboat. Here are features to look for:

  • The galley (kitchen) should have a full cooking stove, refrigerator and freezer, with hot and cold running water
  • The main salon (main living space) should be big enough to sport a convertible table with plenty of seating for guests and a navigation station with good storage areas
  • The forward cabin, which usually has a V-berth, should be spacious enough for two people and provide storage and natural light
  • Depending on the size of the boat you choose (ours have four individual sleeping areas), all cabins should have fans and if possible air-conditioning throughout for sailing in warmer climates (though usually dependent on having a working generator)
  • Bathrooms (which we call “heads”) should have toilets that are easy to flush, holding tanks, a shower and vanity sink with storage for personal items

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How to Cure Hiccups Underway

Sometimes hiccups can cause great discomfort and the need for medical help. In this video, Offshore Sailing School Founder, Steve Colgate, shows you how to help someone with hiccups that just won’t go away.

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