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Sail and Powerboat Certifications

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Offshore Sailing School is proud to have the most progressive sailing certification and powerboat certification education in the United States. Steve Colgate, the world’s pre-eminent sailing educator, started Offshore Sailing School in 1964 before there were any other known sailing schools around, and no certification. He developed our comprehensive sailing education curricula long ago and was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2015, not only for his sailing prowess, but for his impact on  world-wide sailing education. Our Chief Operations Manager and faculty and Steve continually fine-tune course content and techniques to give you the ultimate edu-sail experience.
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US Sailing — The Gold Standard in Sail and Power Certification

Offshore Sailing School adheres to the US Sailing Certification system because it is the most comprehensive sailing evaluation program in the country. US Sailing, the governing body of sailing in the United States, represents the United States in Olympic and International competition, and is the sole U.S. member of the powerful World Sailing (formerly the International Sailing Federation) made up of governing bodies Pfrom nearly every country in the world. Steve Colgate served on the World Sailing Training Committee and headed the US Sailing Training Committee that developed the US Sailing Certification system for commercial and community sailing schools throughout the United States.

Comprehensive Textbooks

The US Sailing National Faculty – made up of the most experienced sailing and power educators in the United States – has developed standards, textbooks and content for all courses in the US Sailing system. When you take a course with Offshore Sailing School you receive US Sailing books in addition to the books written by the Colgates, and your tests will be those provided by US Sailing. We urge you to read as much as you can before arriving for your sailboat certification course – you will be far ahead of the curve and very comfortable on your first day out if you do.

Offshore Gives You More

Offshore Sailing School’s Sailing Certification System goes even further, adding more comprehensive textbooks, more hands-on courses, and an online sailing course. Offshore Sailing School textbooks far exceed the depth of information found in other books for similar courses. Most gratifying are the comments that come from our graduates, many of whom are top educators, professionals and leaders with years of training experience in their own fields. There simply are no other sailing certification systems in the United States that meet the high standards required by Offshore Sailing School.

Expert Certified Instructors

All Offshore Sailing School instructors are tested in a grueling multi-day program, trained by Offshore Sailing School and certified by US Sailing. Start the right way, with Offshore Sailing School’s step-by-step program and go as far as you like, from novice to passage maker. Visit individual Sail & Power Courses to review available sailing certifications or download the Sail & Powerboat Certification chart.

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