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Sailing Tips & Videos

Offshore Sailing School Tips on Learning to Sail & How-To Videos

Offshore Sailing School founder, Steve Colgate, says he never stops learning to sail – even after more than seven decades of racing and cruising. We have over 100 videos on our YouTube channel with sailing tip videos, course introductions, Colgate Sailing Adventures® flotilla trip highlights, interviews with Steve and Doris Colgate, profiles of our team members, and more. Feel free to like and share our videos on social media. Join our fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Become well versed with sailing basics with our instructional videos!

Here’s a Menu of Video Sailing Tips in this Section:

  • Anchoring – How to Use a Windlass and How to Anchor
  • Docking – Docking Under Power and How to Spring Off a Dock
  • Safety and Comfort Aboard – How to Feel Safe Aboard, What to Wear and Bring Aboard, How to Recover Someone Overboard, Creature Comforts on a Cruising Boat, and How to Cure Hiccups Underway
  • Sails and Sail Trim – How to Trim Sails Upwind, How to Trim Sails Downwind, How to Jibe a Sailboat, How to Use a Winch, How to Adjust the Fairlead on a Loaded Jibsheet, How to Handle Jib Furling Systems, How to Remove Lazy Jacks to Easily Hoist the Mainsail, How to Heave To
  • Steering and Maneuvering – How to Maneuver in Close Quarters, How to Motor Backwards, How to Tow a Dinghy
  • Handling Spinnakers – How to Set Up for a Spinnaker Hoist, How to Set a Spinnaker, How to Jibe a Spinnaker, How to Douse a Spinnaker to Leeward, How to Douse a Spinnaker to Windward
  • Engine Maintenance – Prestart Engine Checks and How to Avoid Overheating a Diesel Engine

Visit the Offshore Sailing School Blog for more sailboat tips and sailing basics from our library of textbooks and personal experiences. If you haven’t yet taken an Offshore Sailing School course, give us a call today!

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