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Enjoy your Best Vacation Idea (“BVI”) Ever and Save on Sailing Courses Now!

For a limited time (and yes, we mean a “limited” time), you can take our Fast Track to Cruising course at three Florida locations with big savings; or save 10% on all courses right now in the British Virgin Islands!

The Sailing Capital of the World Wants You!Earn charter cruising certification in the British Virgin Islands

We’re going strong in the British Virgin Islands! Our courses are pretty full, so if you’re thinking about learning in the most idyllic cruising grounds in the world, it’s time now to make that decision and give us a call!  Learn more about BVI & Moorings Sailing today.

What Do Sailors Do When They are Not Sailing?

They go sailing, of course. And that’s exactly what Steve and Doris Colgate did last August when they arranged a family flotilla cruise in the British Virgin Islands for nieces and nephews and their kids. Check out the photo at the top of this page! Steve and Doris are right smack in the middle of the group.

Upcoming Racing Events for Sailors Who Love to Learn More

Do you like competitive sailing! Check out our 4-day Racing Clinic in December 2018. It’s an absolute blast!

How about racing in the British Virgin Islands?  Our February 2019 BVI Race Week Caribbean Challenge is a super way to hone your go fast skills on an amazing winter getaway. And if you sign up for the 4-day clinic and the BVI race week at the same time, you not only get the full spectrum of racing (small and large boats) but you get a healthy discount too!

Upcoming Cruising Events for Sailors who Want to See the World Under Sail

And then there’s our full spectrum of Colgate Sailing Adventures Flotilla Cruises for Offshore Sailing School grads and sailors who love to sail. These fabulous adventures  take you all over the world and are the most delightful, hassle free sailing vacation. If the trip you desire is sold out, request a spot on the waitlist. We’ve made many waitlist sailors very happy in the past.

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Our bi-monthly newsletter is full of interesting stories, creative specials, sailing deals, upcoming flotilla cruises, contests, and other opportunities to keep you sailing and boating. If you haven’t already, visit our Sailing Newsletter Sign-Up page. Beth Oliver, Offshore Sailing School Director of Marketing, gathers information to keep you informed, shares sailing news, develops contests, and posts photographs and experiences that come from you. Got an idea? Send it to Beth at Boliver@OffshoreSailing.com.

Tweens and Teens Learn Free

One of our most important special activities is our Tweens and Teens Learn Free program where 7-17 year olds learn to sail with their parents. This is an absolutely amazing experience, one that many parents say is the best way for the family to bond.  Check the Specials section often to see what else is coming up.

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