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What’s Happening at Offshore Sailing School

Offshore Sailing School is starting a whole new venture called Colgate Offshore Sailing Adventures™ – with lots of cruises and special courses for our graduates, friends and sailors who can’t get enough sailing under their boat shoes! Check back soon for more information and in the meantime, check out our special flotilla cruises schedule.

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Our bi-monthly newsletter is full of interesting stories, creative specials, upcoming flotilla cruises, contests, and other opportunities to keep you sailing and boating. If you haven’t already, sign up now up for the Offshore Sailing School E-Newsletter. Beth Oliver, Offshore Sailing School Director of Marketing, gathers information to keep you informed, shares sailing news, develops contests, and posts photographs and experiences that come from you. Got an idea? Send it to Beth at Boliver@OffshoreSailing.com.

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Make your next vacation a sailing adventure in the best boating destinations in the world. Our first Offshore Cruising Club journey was in the British Virgin Islands in 1972. Since then Offshore graduates have shared the fun on flotilla cruises in Tahiti and Tonga in the South Pacific, the Greek Islands, Turkey, Croatia, Sardinia, the French Riviera, the San Juan Islands, Coast of Maine, Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, the Bay Islands of Canada, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, and Florida Gulf Coast. Due to a last minute cancellation we have onel cabin left on our winter Bahamas cruise. Don’t wait to sign up, snooze – you lose on some of the best sailing getaways you’ll find!

Offshore Sailing School Specials

One of our most important special activities is our Tweens and Teens Learn Free program where 7-17 year olds learn to sail with their parents, a super bonding experience.  Occasionally, you can take advantage of a couples and friends 2-4-1 deal. Check the Specials section often to see what’s coming up.

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