Fast Track to Cruising Course Testimonials

6.13_Shanklin_Dave_2014We all thought Rick did a great job throughout the week, but we were still amazed at the end of the week by how much we had learned. Excellent experience. Looking forward to taking another class.

Dave Shanklin – Indianapolis, IN


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Rutherford_Scott_Sharon_2014Wow! This course exceeded our expectations in every way. It was challenging, fun, very interesting and has given us more confidence for coastal sailing in Newfoundland this summer. Anyone who is looking for a top-notch, unforgettable, hands-on experience should take this course! Our instructors were Amazing!!They were incredibly patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, positive, helpful, professional and CALM! We loved hearing about their past sailing experiences and sailing stories to use as examples for learning. We were impressed with the variety of teaching techniques used throughout our course to make learning fun and interesting for us both. The Colgate 26 model was invaluable during the classroom instruction. The recommendation to study all the books prior to arrival was essential and enhanced our ability to learn the volume of material. The books were excellent and will remain in our nautical library collection! Provisions were excellent!! Diana was awesome!! Very helpful and we appreciated the prompt replies to our questions and inquiries.

S & S Rutherford – Thamesford, Ontario


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Scott_Leigh_2014Jim has extraordinary patience, even after showing us the same maneuver countless times. His enthusiasm for sailing is obvious and his knowledge is great. His friendliness and cheerfulness made it a pleasure to take the class. It was a huge amount of material, and I am surprised how much I have learned in a short period of time. We can’t wait for summertime sailing on the Chesapeake.

Leigh Scott – Vienna, VA


Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2014

6.13_Barzel_Dan_withson_2014Thought you guys might like to see the pics and the commentary from our first SOLO voyage with my two rookie sons as crew. Just came back from the BVI on our maiden voyage on a 44’ catamaran. Very proud of our accomplishment. Thanks for all the great training in the Fast Track to Catamaran Cruising Course!!

Dan Barzel – Cordova, TN


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Ft. Myers, FL – 2014

6.13_Mendelman_Lynn_2014Rick is a practiced and patient professional. He is a pleasure to have met and been taught by. My sailing was made 100% better after being in the tutelage of both him and initially Brad Lowden on the Colgate 26. Everything we encountered has made me more confident of my sailing skills. The food choices were excellent and the quantity good enough to have only a bit left over. The quality of literature is priceless and this well-developed program is truly a blessing. The Jeanneaus are in great shape. A pleasure. Thanks for the memories AND the much needed time at sea!!

Lynn Mendelman – East Hampton, NY


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Corbin_Nelson_2014Lived ashore during Fast Track to Cruising course, very enjoyable. Excellent facilities, leaving with a volume of knowledge and experience. I am signed up for a sailing trip through The Moorings in July, really looking forward to it. Thanks for everything. I’m coming back!

Nelson D. Corbin – Parkton, NC

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Ames_Rodger_2014Overall experience: Top 10. It takes a lot to rattle my feathers, so I pick my words wisely. I needed to learn so much in a short time. It was a blast. The facility, the people, and most important Garren. His knowledge and experience is over the top.

Rodger Ames – Arvada, CO


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Bennett_Neale_Karen_Beau_Chase_2014Both Garren and Rick were excellent instructors. Garren is mature beyond his years and is very patient with slow learners; I would take any course from him. Rick was also very smooth and easily approachable. It was very clear they were experienced sailors. This course greatly exceeded my expectations. I am very new to sailing, but this experience has opened my mind to a whole new world. I thank Offshore Sailing for providing a course where I was able to spend some very valuable time with my family.

William N. Bennett V – Lexington, KY

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

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