Offshore Sailing School Philanthropy

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

Offshore Sailing School has  supported The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) over the years because the research and cures developed through this organization’s efforts are so important for many medical conditions. Although the focus is on blood cancers, the LLS reach carries over into the whole medical research and cures realm, including many other forms of cancer. (14)_6.2_SteveAndDorisColgate_LLS$100Kpresentation_GaryJobson_2013_700x465

Offshore Sailing School has been a national sponsor of The Leukemia Cup Regatta program – a nationwide effort to raise money for research to cure blood cancers and diseases. Every year more than 40 yacht clubs, sailing associations and groups across the country hold Leukemia Cup Regattas. Offshore Sailing School has hosted two of these events and five donor weekends donating use of our entire fleet and staff.

Steve and Doris Colgate Awarded Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Chairman’s Citation

As a national Leukemia Cup Regatta sponsor Offshore Sailing School has donated more than $140,000 in cash from course tuitions, and close to $175,000 in course contributions for Leukemia Cup Regatta event auctions. “In recognition of outstanding efforts and support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,” the LLS Board of Directors presented its Chairman’s Citation to the Colgates in 2013. Gary Jobson, well known in yachting circles for his dedication to LLS, is  standing between Doris and Steve Colgate.

Other Organizations

Offshore Sailing School has been a corporate sponsor for the Southwest Florida Chapter of the American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk. the Colgates and Offshore Sailing School also support the Florida Repertory Theatre and other organizations in the Ft. Myers, Florida area.

Offshore Sailing School receives requests daily to support all kinds of fund raising efforts across the country in hard cash or in-kind course donations. If you feel you have a worthy cause, send your request and proof of not-for-profit status to, attn: Beth Oliver, VP, Director of Sales & Marketing for Offshore Sailing School. Because of the volume of requests and our designated budget for philanthropy please be aware your cause may not fit our mission or we may have fulfilled our quota for the year.

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