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Fast Track® Sailing Courses at Offshore Sailing School

America’s #1 Sailing School® — Heading Into Our 60th Year!

Offshore Sailing School has received many recognitions and awards and is acknowledged in the sailing industry as “America’s #1 Sailing School®” offering a full roster of US Sailing certification courses. The Offshore Sailing School exclusive Fast Track® series of sailing lessons and powerboat lessons provides comprehensive beginner to advanced sail-training and power-training opportunities in delightful resort settings.

Fast Track® Sailing Courses

  • Fast Track® Cruising combine OSS 101, OSS 103 and OSS 104 in an eight day sailing course, learning on a monohull. The same 8-day Fast Track® course adds OSS 114 when learning to cruise on a catamaran.
  • Fast Track® Coastal Passage Making is the next step in blue water sailing certification, combining OSS 105 and OSS 106 in an eight-day passage making course.
  • Fast Track® Offshore Passage Making is the highest confidence builder in cruising certification, combining OSS 107 and OSS 108 in a 10-day blue water sailing school course.
  • Fast Track® Performance Racing combines OSS 102 and OSS 109 in a 10-day course for competitive sailors who want to learn to win sailboat races.

Please see the Sail and Power Course page for a quick description of all the individual courses in the Offshore Sailing School curriculum or click on each course below for more information and book-online opportunities.

Your instructors are caring sailors with extensive sailing, boating and teaching experience who give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy the sailing lifestyle – all under the guidance of our founder, Steve Colgate, who was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2015 and his wife and partner, Doris Colgate, who was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2022.


Why Offshore Sailing School Is America’s #1 Sailing School

  • Our founder and Chairman, Olympian and America’s Cup competitor Steve Colgate, the pre-eminent sailing educator and world-class racing sailor.
  • President and CEO, Doris Colgate, who founded the National Women’s Sailing Association, and Women’s Sailing Foundation, dedicated to getting women, men, and families into the sailing lifestyle.
  • Over 59 years of award-winning sailing and boating instruction with more than 160,000 graduates.
  • Professional faculty certified by the U.S. governing body of sailing, US Sailing, licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Greatest variety of sailing power cruise course offerings – from live aboard sailing and boating lessons to cruising adventures, team building programs, racing clinics, and an online sailing course.
  • Comprehensive curricula and textbooks for each sailing course, written by the Colgates and US Sailing’s National Faculty.
  • Excellent teaching platforms – award-winning sailboats designed for safety, comfort, and performance.
  • US Sailing Courses and Certification at all levels recognized by world-wide charter companies.
  • Superior resort locations that allow you to immerse yourself in the learning experience.