Offshore Sailing School COVID-19 Statement and Temporary Policies


Offshore Sailing School Statement Regarding
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The safety and health of our employees and clients continues to be of paramount importance. Our resort partners have all confirmed their increased cleaning and sanitization procedures at resort locations and have placed multiple hand sanitization systems available on property. We are committed to the ongoing cleanliness of our fleet of boats which are cleaned and sanitized following every course. As always, soap is plentiful aboard all boats we manage, own and charter for all courses.

For Our Clients:

Provided travel continues to occur within the U.S., Offshore Sailing School’s Standard Terms & Conditions will apply for those who have confirmed courses, meaning, up to 61 days and greater before a scheduled course in Florida or the British Virgin Islands, you may cancel and you will receive the level of refund due, based on the date of cancellation. For customers 61 days and greater from course start date who choose to keep their money-on-account for future course date, the new course date must be confirmed and started within 12 months from postponement date, and you will not incur one-time date change fees.

For a client with a course start date within the next 60 days, who is concerned with or unable to travel (due to transportation bans at the time), we are allowing you to request a one-time transfer to another date, with no penalty. Your course costs paid to date will be held on account less any amount that is non-cancellable to Offshore Sailing School, such as some resort accommodation charges which vary by resort, or provisions ordered within one week of course start date. We will keep the original amount paid as money-on-account, to apply toward your new course date. Your rescheduled course must be confirmed and started within 12 months of your postponement date. Your course package transfer request must be by written letter or email and is effective on the date received. You will receive a new Revised Terms & Conditions document and a Money-on-Account Agreement Form. Both must be signed and returned immediately.

This temporary policy may change or be rescinded at any time.

For Our Employees:

If an employee is sick, we request they stay home until any symptoms of illness dissipate. Employees who do work from home due to illness will be required to follow CDC Guidelines in order to return to the workplace.


  • Find Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. Q & A here.
  • The Florida Department of Health is working with the CDC to closely monitor the current outbreak of COVID-19. The most current COVID-19 information may be found here.
  • Link to Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives resources here.
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