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Celebrate EARTH DAY with a 15% Discount on Florida Cruising Course Packages 

Book a new Fast Track to CruisingLive Aboard, or Bareboat Charter Cruising Certification Course in April and complete that course by December 15, 2018! Take advantage of our April EARTH DAY DEAL and find out why sailors consider sailing with wind power alone, a great way to help the world stay GREEN!

Get Charter-Ready In 7 Groovy Days and Learn to Live the GREEN Lifestyle!

 If you are a beginner, in 7 days you gain the knowledge and skills to successfully manage big sailboats. There’s just nothing GROOVIER than that! You start out on a Colgate 26, designed by renowned sailing educator, Steve Colgate, and for two days you get the true essence of sailing. You learn how to harness the wind, to make the boat go where you want it to go. Then you board one of our 40-47’ yachts like the Jeanneau 439 shown here, and begin to understand how the forces of wind on sails work when steering and crewing larger sailboats.

Fast Track to Cruising was outstanding. Both instructors were very knowledgeable and always had clear and concise answers. We had the opportunity to sail in 30 knot winds and that was a blast. The class material and tests were thorough and forced us to study and practice. We all felt comfortable on our solo sail and would not have if we hadn’t been prepared!!

Scott Berger – Newburyport, MA

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The Only Way To Learn The Whys Not Just The Hows Of Groovy Sailing

If your goal is to start cruising, this is the only way to absorb the whys, not just the hows, of sailboat performance. When the boat heels because the wind on the sails is driving forces that make a sailboat move, that’s GROOVY! When you learn to manage the angle of that heel by adjusting the sails in and out and changing your steering angles, that’s truly GROOVY! You are learning how sailboats perform on a sailboat that reacts quickly to wind and sea conditions. Once you master these techniques, you can then move to any type boat, including catamarans. It may be hard to understand, but big cruising catamarans are basically powerboats with a mast. 

Our instructor did a fabulous job. He somehow was able to teach myself and the rest of the group a large amount of information (all but 1 person in our group was a novice) while still making it fun and feel like a vacation.”

Heather Bond – Blue Springs, MO

Choose The Fast Track Course if You Are New to Sailing or Feeling Rusty

Our exclusive Fast Track to Cruising Course is our most popular program because it takes you from “Couch to the Captain’s Chair” in just one week! Fast Track to Cruising combines learning on a fast, responsive 26-footer with the ultimate big yacht learning experience. If you don’t know anything at all about sailing, or you have some experience on smaller boats but don’t confident enough to sail on your own; if you used to sail a lot but are feeling rusty – the Fast Track to Cruising course is for you.

We came to class with no prior sailing experience and left with 3 certifications, a new vocabulary and a new friend. What a wonderful experience for our family of 3 to learn and cruise together!

Jane Lowe – Ft. Myers, FL


The best “vacation” ever. This week has created an unforgettable memory for me and my family, and the experience has changed my life. We were completely new to sailing, in a week we felt very comfortable with all aspects. – Tim Lowe, Jane’s husband


I had so much fun! Never thought I could enjoy a vacation

this much but I was wrong! – Tucker Lowe, Jane and Tim’s son

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Ready to Go Straight Into the Cruising Course?

If you currently sail on boats of at least 26′ and feel confident steering and crewing, then by all means, go straight into the Live Aboard Cruising course or the stay-ashore version of that course. The whole Live Aboard Cruising experience is done in five days with the ultimate reward of earning US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification. The Mihans Family from Ann Arbor, MI did just that.

Great course! I felt confident I’d come away from the course knowing the material required of me. Wonderful instructor. Not only did he explain the material, he made sure we could apply it practically on the boat. He’s a great personality. I feel lucky to have completed the course with him. – Oleg Mihans


I took Learn to Cruise at Offshore on City Island, NY in 1983. It’s a much different, much better course now. The textbooks (Colgate and USSA) are great. After 20 years of non-sailing, I’m happy to return to Offshore. Our instructor: Amazingly knowledgeable, patient, a raconteur, so fun to listen to. To top it all off, he has the Club Med mindset! – Stephen Mihans

You Know You’re in the GROOVE When the Boat Talks to You

When the wind makes the boat lean to one side or the other as you head “upwind,” and you know how to make it turn smoothly through the wind and seas without an engine, this is GROOVY SAILING! When the boat starts to vibrate as the wind on the sails pushes the boat downwind, when you know how to control the force of the wind in the sails as you move them from one side of the boat to the other, this is the GROOVIEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE THERE IS! 

I learned a lot, appreciated the calm and kind demeanor of the instructors, and had fun. I’d definitely recommend the Fast Track to Cruising course to friends. Both instructors knew their stuff and explained it well. I appreciated being allowed to learn on my own by trying things out instead of being told what to do. – Colleen Westeinde – Ottawa, ON


Great course. Helped me build the confidence to charter a boat for a vacation. – Jeff Westeinde, Colleen’s husband

Choose a Start Date Today and Become a Certified Cruising Skipper in One Week

To take advantage of this special Earth Day Deal, you must book your course between April 7 and end of day April 30; and complete the course by December 15, 2018. This 15% Earth Day Deal is immediately available on bookings with two or more signing up together. If you are a single, please give us more than one date option as we don’t open a course unless we have two or more enrolled. Don’t despair though, we have lots of groovy singles looking to pair up with others of like mind and goals. Just be patient.

This Earth Day Deal is available only for new bookings received between April 7 and end of day April 30 (by 6 p.m. that day). When you enroll, you will be asked to pay a 30% deposit unless the date you choose is less than 120 days from your enrollment date, in which case full payment is required. Terms and Conditions will be sent upon enrollment outlining our cancellation policy. Welcome Aboard!

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Need More Convincing? Read this fun Blog by 2016 Fast Track to Cruising Grad – Ben Lawrence – State Collage, PA