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Growing Up Moorings.

At 24 years old, Jeff Monuszko became the youngest person to
own a Moorings yacht when he acquired the 42.3 monohull
“Luff Out Loud” in 2015. Now, he wants to inspire a new
generation of sailors to take the helm and discover the thrill
of this timeless tradition.

First of all, congratulations. You’re a record breaker, our
youngest owner! How does that feel?

I think what excites me more about the situation is not so
much being a record breaker, but bringing some youthful
awareness to the idea of yacht chartering.
I want to show my generation that a Moorings sailing
vacation really is the experience of a lifetime; that it can be
an affordable reality for each and every one of us; and that
you don’t have to settle for the ordinary, on vacation or life in

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