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Offshore Sailing School graduate, Andrew Vogel, recently purchased a cruising boat – a 2000 Pacific Seacraft 34 “in superb condition.” Andrew wrote in a recent email: “As you can imagine, this is quite a step up from my Weta trimaran, and while there is a lot to learn I am on my way.

The PS34 fulfills a dream about sailing the oceans that is nearly 50 years old. I would never have had the confidence or the ability to take on the challenge that this boat represents without the superb instruction from Offshore Sailing School. I thank you for that. You folks are the best.”

He also wrote that the broker who handled the transaction is one of Offshore Sailing School’s former instructors, George Samalot, who Steve recently had a lengthy dialogue with about adding Colgate 26s to a Hudson River community sailing school fleet. Steve has always had a warm spot in his heart for George.

Andrew’s Weta trimaran is a cool boat that he singlehanded many a summer, enjoying the thrill of going fast and, inevitably, getting very wet.

He and his wife took the Offshore Sailing School Live Aboard Cruising Course at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida in 2016 and embarked on the first phase of his dream to embark on long distance cruising. The next step – a Moorings catamaran charter with friends the following spring. That’s the Andrew on the left in the the photo below.

Offshore Sailing School is very lucky to have had the pleasure of teaching Andrew and his wife the skills to see the world under sail.

Thank YOU, Andrew!

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