Catamaran vs Monohull – What Are The Advantages?


Offshore Sailing School is the Official Sailing School of The Moorings and as such, our graduates receive an exclusive savings of up to 15% on their first charter with The Moorings.

We have recently taken delivery of a new Lagoon 40 catamaran which will be based at our newest resort location, ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa on Captiva Island, Florida.

Lagoon 40 cabin
Lagoon 40 cabin

The Lagoon, aptly named Hydro Therapy, joins our fleet with two Leopard 40 and 45s in St. Petersburg, Florida, and The Moorings 4500 that we sail from Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina in the British Virgin Islands.

When considering which boat type to learn on or charter, we are often asked about the differentiating factors between a catamaran and a monohull. We are adapting some content from a Moorings blog post here, as we find it helpful and succinct. The Moorings is the only charter company to offer the award-winning Robertson & Caine catamarans to its clients. Robertson & Caine, a South African company, is best known for their Leopard brand of yachts.

Condensed from The Moorings February 7, 2023, blog post:

…In contrast to a monohull, the catamaran has two hulls that are connected by crossbeams. Located in the hulls are the staterooms and heads. The deckhouse and the bridge deck are used as the saloon and galley, and for navigating. Some catamarans even feature another level known as the fly bridge.

  • The two hulls offer a lot of individual living space and entertaining areas
    Leopard 45 back dining area
    Leopard 45 back dining area
  • Generally, catamarans glide on top of the wtarer and sailing them is easy without any heeling
  • Anchoring is almost always easier for catamarans as their low drafts make it possible to enter any bay and get closer to shore than a monohull
  • When sailing, the helmsman is able to execute almost all sailing maneuvers single-handedly as the necessary lines are being redirected to the helm, and there is autopilot for support
  • Maneuvering is simplified by having two engines and two propellers
  • Catching a mooring ball is typically simpler with a catamaran
  • Electric davits on most catamarans make lifting the dinghy easy
  • A catamaran offers flat, even decks, wide, safe passages, and no climbing when having to move from bow to stern

Offshore Sailng School offers several courses for US Sailing certification aboard Catamarans, as well as two, shorter, specialty courses. Click links below to learn more.

  • Fast Track® to Catamaran Cruising (earn US Sailing Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising certification, Catamaran Endorsement)
  • Catamaran Cruising (for experienced sailors with Basic Keelboat certification, to earn Catamaran Endorsement)
  • Catamaran Refresher (2.5 days for experienced sailors with Bareboat Cruising certification, to earn Catamaran Endorsement)
  • Catamaran Close Quarters Maneuvering (2.5 days for experienced sailors to gain more competence and confidence docking and maneuvering in busy marinas)
    Leopard 45 saloon dining area
    Leopard 45 saloon dining area

Considerations about learning to bareboat charter aboard a monohull are outlined by Doris Colgate, Offshore Sailing School’s President & CEO. View video.

Learn more about our Graduate Benefits and your first charter discount with The Moorings here.

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