Fast Track to Cruising Course Testimonials

6.13_Snider_Karen_and_family_2014From Karen Snider: Enjoyed both instructors. Mike was very kind, knowledgeable and considerate with correction of technique. Excellent course, much more comfortable with bareboat sailing and now looking forward to bareboat cruising. From Eric Snider: Michael Dewane was very enthusiastic and patient. He was great with helping our kids enjoy the course. Garren Erlenbusch was very patient on the water. He was very kind to our children. Great experience.

Karen and Erick Snider – Kirksville, MO


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Boucher_Joseph_and_Sarah_2014Rick was a fantastic instructor that was able to answer all of my questions that I had gathered in reading for this course. My wife (Sarah) and I are planning on purchasing a boat in the next few years and I feel that this course was a great decision in preparing us to own a boat.

Joseph Boucher – Pasadena, MD


Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2014

6.13_Burns_Susan_anddaughters_2014Neil was very knowledgeable and a great instructor. He took our family to the next level. My husband and I have been bareboat chartering for the past 10 years. It was our 17 year old daughters that wanted to get certified. They wanted to ensure that they could sail on their own one day. We took the live aboard as a family and took our knowledge and skills to the next level. We all now know “why” we make each sail adjustment, tack, jibe, etc. Sailing is now a bigger thrill than ever.

Susan Burns – Nashville, TN


Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2014

6.13_Blume_Cameron_2014Folkert was patient and very professional. I would definitely recommend him to other people seeing cruising certification. After taking a corporate leadership course with Offshore and following up with my Fast Track to Cruising certification in the British Virgin Islands, I now feel quite comfortable chartering my own bareboat in the Caribbean.

Cameron Blume – Atlanta, GA


Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2014

6.13_Moore_Chris_2013Fast Track to Cruising was Great! I want to sail every weekend now. Jason was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor.

Chris Moore (in middle) – Macon, GA

Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2013

6.13_Thomas_Jeffery_2013Brooke and Jacek were both awesome – we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Jacek went the extra mile: staying late to ensure we understood the content, helping with “re-provisioning,” and made sure we had everything we needed to have the best experience possible. Overall it was an amazing experience. My fears of sailing Spartina w/o an instructor quickly faded as the week progressed. Although nothing beats experience, I feel like I now have a solid foundation for chartering bareboat cruisers in the future. Thank you Offshore Sailing School!

Jeffery J. Thomas – Glenwood Springs, CO


Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2013

6.13_Schaan_Colleen_and_Nate_2013Our instructor was amazing! Patient, kind, supportive, inspiring . . . his sailing/cruising knowledge and experience were invaluable. It would be an honor to sail with him again. Offshore Sailing offered quality classes that both reviewed and challenged my husband and I. Tortola is a dream location with breezy wind, warm sun and stunning vistas. Can’t wait for our next class!!

Colleen Schaan – Douglassville, GA


Fast Track to Learn to Sail Course – British Virgin Islands – 2013

6.13_Vaughan_Brad_2013I had a great time in St. Petersburg at the Keelboat/Cruising course. Everything was perfect from the accommodations, weather, boat, instructor and classmates. I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had at Offshore Sailing School and want to congratulate you on a superbly run organization. Cory was a great instructor and a fun guy to share a week with.

Brad Vaughan – Overland Park, KS

Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2013

6.13_Tigner_Brian_2013I took the course expecting an overview of sailing. I was surprised to find myself competently handling a 44’ cruiser at the end of just one week.

Bryan Tigner – John Creek, GA

Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2013

6.13_Lahue_Robert_and_Betsy_2013Even having done a lot of sailing I learned a lot during the week. My wife went from novice to knowledgeable and reliable in 1 week, amazing! Brooke and Jacek were both great. Rally enjoyed the time spent with them.

Robert Lahue – Wyckoff, NJ


Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2013

6.13_Roush_Ray_and_Kelli_2013The course was awesome! Our two instructors, Louise Reardon and Jason Geyser, are great people and were absolutely wonderful to work with. The accommodations at the Mariner were all we could have hoped for. The staff there was friendly, courteous, and always helpful. We shopped at HiHo, ate at Ginny’s and Charlie’s, and even had a couples massage at the Spa our last night. As for our sailing vessels, the Colgate 26 was everything it was promised to be, and we can’t picture a better way to go through the initial learning experience. The “jump” to the Beneteau 41 was the right choice and also a great learning experience for us. The boat was clean, in great condition, and everything we could have hoped for.

Ray and Kelli Roush – Edmond, OK

Private Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2013

6.13_Monuszko_Jeff_2013Instructors could not have been any better. Hotel, boats, classrooms were all in perfect condition. I had a basic understanding of sailing, but now I feel so cocky about my sailing. I feel so valid and legit: like I could sail anything. Instructors were very professional.

Jeff Monuszko – Pompano Beach, FL


Fast Track to Cruising – Captiva Island, FL – 2013

6.13_Smith_Brian_2013Offshore Sailing School by far exceeded my expectations. I’m not only prepared now to sail the BVI’s in June, but more capable of sailing more effectively and efficiently at my home club. Fantastic program Mr. and Mrs. Colgate! I’ll be back for round 2.

Brian Smith – Little Rock, AR

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2013

It was a truly fantastic trip. I loved every single minute of every day. Our instructors were really great. Very knowledgeable. I learned a lot. The other people in the group were very nice. There was a really good atmosphere in the group every day. So at the same time we were learning, we had a lot of fun.

Delphine Horvan – Boston, MA

Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2013

My son and I enrolled in the Fast Track to Cruising course out of Tortola. We were hoping to gain a solid familiarity with bareboat cruising to enable future charters. Our instructor, Maria Powell, was so exceptional in the way she taught and reinforced the necessary skills. The entire experience far surpassed our expectations. We would adamantly recommend the Offshore Sailing School to anyone wanting to seriously develop their skills.

Clay Crouch – Lookout Mountain, TN

Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2012

I went from a novice, wondering if sailing was for me to a sailing enthusiast – comfortable with a large boat – in one short week. Amazing how fast it all came together, can’t wait to sail again.

Cher (and Mike) Mahan – Live Oak, FL

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2012

I knew when I completed the Fast Track to Cruising course I had walked away with obvious knowledge, visible improvement in my skills, and a boost to my confidence. Now that our 19 ft daysailer is back in the water, I even more fully realize the great benefits of the course. On our own, we had calm and clear communications and helped each other troubleshoot all day. We braved 20-24 knot winds with gusts up to 30 knots on a lake with 1-2 ft waves. We reefed the main, furled the jib part way, and had a smooth and steady sail. We were able to heave-to in those conditions and felt confident and secure about our actions!! We shot a narrows using charts and GPS, and we handled a VERY narrow channel near a dam with ease. We had never before been able to accomplish those feats!! Thank you for making our time on the water in the boat of our dreams even more enjoyable than we thought possible! It is those ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments months after the course, to know that you totally retained all the material and everything seems to just click into place. Thank you all for what has proven the test of time to be EXCELLENT training!! We do plan to keep up our skills with some advanced coursed down the road. Can’t wait!

Dr. Terri Vanderlinde – Dover, NH

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Captiva Island, FL – 2012

I would like to thank Offshore again for your great program. Diana Smith really helped pull this learning trip to the BVI together with no worries and Julian Putley and your partners at The Moorings made us feel welcome and gave us a great week of instruction that blended education with a passion for the pastime. My dad and I couldn’t have had a more productive and enjoyable adventure. My thanks to you all!

Mark Waltz – Muskego, WI


Fast Track to Live Aboard Cruising – British Virgin Islands – 2012

My wife and I had an absolutely wonderful experience in the Fast Track to Cruising class in the BVIs. The instructors were all excellent – extremely knowledgeable and patient. I had some small boat experience and my wife was a complete novice, but we’re now comfortable and excited to take our first bareboat charter on our own.

Wyatt Blasingame – Morrison, CO

Fast Track to Cruising Course – British Virgin Islands – 2012

Our instructor Brian was great. His patience level was fantastic and he made the experience a low stress environment. Would highly recommend this to anybody looking to bareboat in the future.

Jim Richey – Winter Springs, FL

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Ft. Myers Beach, FL – 2012

What a fantastic experience! Our Fast Track week on the catamaran was fun and educational from beginning to end. We can’t say enough good things about our instructors. They were excellent coaches with just the right combination of professionalism and friendliness. They helped us gain the confidence we were looking for and we are thrilled with what we learned. There will definitely be more sailing adventures with Offshore Sailing School in our future.

Todd and Lois Gillenwater – Charleston, WVA

Fast Track to Cruising Course – Ft. Myers Beach, FL – 2012

Less than one year ago, we purchased our very 1st sail boat. We had never sailed before. We enrolled with the Offshore Sailing School last spring to learn as much as we could about sailing before launching the “Norwester” in our Canadian waters. 5 months later, we crossed the Northumberland Strait between N.B and P.E.I. Canada. It was a very enjoyable trip, and felt much empowered. At no time did we feel overwhelmed or unsafe during our crossing. It was our first crossing or long trip on a sailboat. The name of our instructor, Cory Crowner from the Offshore Sailing School in St Petersburg came up a few times during our crossing. One of the things he said that stayed with us was: “It’s just weather,” when he spoke about weather helm, trimming, rough seas, storms, etc. Thank you Corey and Offshore Sailing School.

Diane and Jean-Paul Langlois – Dieppe, N.B., Canada

Fast Track to Cruising Course – St. Petersburg, FL – 2012