The Offshore Sailing School Team

The Men and Women Who Make Offshore #1

The entire Offshore Sailing School Team – our faculty, our sales team and our management group – is dedicated to your personal development through sailing and boating. Our core purpose is to teach sailing and with that comes a whole lot of value. Taking a course or participating in a program with Offshore Sailing School develops and delivers:

  • New lifestyles with life-changing goals
  • Memorable and inspiring learning adventures
  • A real sense of freedom and relief from daily chores
  • Leadership skills and teams that work together and bond
  • Self-esteem and empowerment
  • Trust in each others abilities
  • Camaraderie among new-found friends

Working Together at Offshore U

In November 2014, our entire full time team of employees and managers came together to discuss the future of Offshore Sailing School and plan for the next five years. This 2020 Vision plan is well underway with innovation and quality at all levels as the center piece. The photo above is of the group that met for three days in Florida from all of our locations, working in teams and contributing amazing ideas and energy.

To learn more, call or email our knowledgeable sales team at headquarters, and find out how you can receive the very best sailing education from full-time professional faculty, at glorious sailing venues in the United States and the Caribbean.

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