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Procida in the Setting Sun

June 21-28, 2025

Stunning Amalfi Coast Vistas Dating Back to Ancient Times

Inspired by pastel painted fishing villages, clear seas, and black sand beaches the Amalfi Coast’s glorious Mediterranean scenery has inspired many novels and films. On this special cruise you get to cruise along picturesque shores, explore ancient ruins and vibrant towns, savor delightful Italian cuisine, and wish you never had to leave at cruise end!

The Cruise Starts and Ends in Procida

Our Colgate Sailing Adventures® flotilla fleet of catamarans are based at the Sunsail Procida base on the Island of Procida, about 15 miles from Naples. The boats should be available to board at 3 p.m. on June 21. the cruise ends back at the marina at 9 a.m. on June 28, 2025. We recommend you come in a day or two early to relax from your travels, and explore this beautiful area before you join the group and set sail. A list of hotels near the marina is available in the comprehensive e-book sent when you are confirmed to participate. The Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast are ideally suited for bareboat cruising in June. Winds are generally 8-12 knots out of the northwest, temperatures are mostly in the 70’s with very little rain and striking blue skies. Specialties of the region are pasta, pizza and seafood dishes, with delightful regional wines. Expect to see sophisticated and stylish travelers in some areas of the Amalfi Coast cruise, where you can sip cocktails and “see and be seen.”

Fishing boats in Procida Italy

Fishing Boats In Procida

So Much to See and Do In and Around Procida

While you are in Procida we recommend you visit some of the many cultural attractions.

  • Terra Murata – an island on an island is reached only by a brisk climb and at 57 miles above sea level the unbelievably breathtaking panorama of the whole Gulf of Naples and its islands can be seen.
  • Marina Corricella – one of the most beautiful places in the world where pink, yellow, white, green and red dominate fishermen’s homes, built like an amphitheater on the sea; reached only by sea or four stairways, with no vehicles, just the voices of fishermen mending nets along the wharf.
  • Piazza dei Martiri – a small piazza suspended between sky and sea, at a crossroad between Corricella, Marina Grande and Terra Murata, where the hanging of 16 citizens guilty of supporting the Neapolitan Republic took place long ago.

Set Sail on Our Flotilla Fleet of Spacious Catamarans

Discover the Amalfi Coast from the Sailitalia/Sunsail Base in mild winds and crystal clear waters on a fleet of 42′-45′ four-cabin catamarans, familiar to so many Colgate Sailing Adventures® participants who sailed with us on other flotilla cruises. As always, your trip leaders will assign a Designated Skipper, Designated Navigator, and the rest of the crew on each boat, based on submitted Sailing Resumes. On the sailing resume you may request to sail with other confirmed participants, which will be taken into consideration by your cruise leaders.

Island connected to Procida Italy

Island Connected to Procida Italy

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The Islands and Ports You Visit Under Sail

Our Amalfi Coast cruise starts at the Sunsail base in Procida, Italy – the smallest and oldest island in the Bay of Naples. Naples Bay and the Amalfi Coast are laced with glorious historical sites, beautiful beaches bordered by caves, jagged cliffs and mountains, attractive towns with superb shopping and dining. It won’t be possible to visit all the places listed below, but it will definitely be an unforgettable and stimulating adventure under sail! Your cruise leaders will choose the final itinerary after discussion with the base managers before you arrive. Whether you are flying direct or touring before the cruise, plan to arrive by plane or train in Naples. Taxis from Naples International Airport (Capadichino) take you to a ferry or hydrofoil from the main ports of Naples, for the 25 km (15.5 miles) ride to Procida. Here’s a synopsis of the places our Sunsail flotilla fleet may visit while sailing the Amalfi Coast.

Procida, The Smallest Island in the Bay of Naples

Just 2.5 square miles, Procida’s charm and sites include the 16th Century Castello D’Avalos, a Bourbon hunting lodge; and the Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo, a Benedictine abbey with amazing catacombs. From the Piazza dei Martiti you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Chiaia Beach, a protected overnight anchorage, is a great place to relax and watch yachts come and go; and the staff from the seaside Ristorante La Conchiglia will come out to our boats and take you ashore for a wonderful meal on the beach. In Marina Corricella you get a taste of old world fishing with picturesque fishing boats and nets being worked on in this

Sorrento on Amalfi Coast

Sorrento on Amalfi Coast of Italy

active community.

Naples and Sorrento

A short sail across the Gulf of Naples is the busy metropolis of Naples, one of the world’s oldest cities, where pizza was supposed to have originated. This is where you will likely fly into before heading to Procida for Amalfi Coast cruising. We suggest spending a day or two here to explore nearby Sorrento where you can visit the archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii. Private guides are available to explore ancient streets carved by chariot wheels, mosaics, lead piles for running water and so much more.

Ischia, the Largest Island in the Bay of Naples

Known as the Island of Well Being and often called the Green Island, Ischia has lush Mediterranean vegetation, thick pine forests, hot springs and thermal baths that some say can heal the sick. The largest of the Phlegraean Islands with six villages and town, this volcanic island last erupted in AD 1301 and is known for its many hot springs with modern spas alongside. Lush and semi-tropical, the island has gone through many historical times – from Greek settlements in the 8th century BC, to attacks from the Spain, France and England, in 1906. Ischia’s restaurants are famous for rabbit dishes and seafood. The island’s drink specialty is recolino, a green liquorice-flavored liqueur made from rocket leaves. The coastline is breathtaking, with sheer cliffs stunning beaches.

Ventotene, a National Park

Delectable dining on the Isle of Capri

Delightful Places to Dine on the Isle of Capri

Situated between Ponza Island and Ischia, this small island has a comfortable laid-back feeling. There are lovely beaches for swimming and quiet streets filled with fun shops and restaurants. Once called Pandataria, this is one of two inhabited islands the Pontine Islands. Here is where the emperor Augustus banished his daughter Julia the Elder in 2 BC because of her excessive adultery. In 29 AD, Emperor Tiberius banished Augustus’ granddaughter Agrippina the Elder, whose youngest daughter, Julia Livilla, was exiled to Pandateria twice, and that’s not all! Many other notable women including the first wife of the emperor Nero were banished here too. A prison camp was erected under the Bourbons, and during WW II, the island was home to a German 114-manned garrison, liberated by 46 American paratroopers on December 8, 1943. The picturesque Ventotene Lighthouse, built in 1891, is still active. The port has ancient Roman structures, and the island has remains of villas and an extensive rainwater catchment system. In July 2009, a “graveyard” of five ancient Roman ships was discovered off Ventotene with pristine cargoes of olive oil, garum and metal ingots. Some of the recovered objects are on view at Ventotene.

Ponza, the Other Pontine Island

Small but mountainous, this island rises 915 feet at its Monte La Guardia summit where the views are amazing, well worth the hike. There are also beautiful beaches, ocean caves penetrating rocky shores to explore by dinghy or while snorkeling, and a phenomenal stone arch at the north end of the island. Open-roofed taxis and minibus tours do short sightseeing tours. With craggy coastlines, emerald green waters and many excellent seafood restaurants, this island is a popular getaway for modern-day Romans. The highest point on Ponza is Monte La Guardia, well worth a hike to the top for spectacular views. Porto di Ponza has shops and

Coastline of the Isle of Capri

Coastline of the Isle of Capri


The Isle of Capri

Capri may be worth a two-day visit, docking at the 300-berth Marina Grande where all the watersports occur, or anchoring at Marina Piccola on the south side of the island. The island is picture-postcard beautiful with sheer limestone cliffs, rocky outcrops and steep hills that rise up out of incredibly blue water as you approach. Ashore are trendy boutiques, Roman ruins amidst rugged seascapes, a plethora of cafes, lovely piazzas including Piazza Umberto – the place to see and be seen. Capri Town and Anacapri overlook the Bay of Naples and Sorrento. Not only do they offer fashionable shops and restaurants, there are hiking trails that take you to the rural charm of Capri’s western coast. You can’t leave Capri without visiting the Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto); and the ruins of Villa Jovius, retirement home to Tiberius.

2025 Procida & Amalfi Coast Package Costs

All sailors are welcome, but the “Grad Discounts” below apply only to those individuals who currently hold the specified certification and certificate. If you are traveling with someone who does not meet the Category 1 or Category 2 requirements below, they must pay the Category 3 package cost. Offshore Sailing School grads with US Sailing Bareboat Cruising certification designated as “skipper” or “mate” need to hold the US Sailing International Proficiency Certificate (IPC), in order to charter and skipper in Sicily.

Category 1: Offshore Sailing School Graduates with US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification, US Sailing IPC, and willing to be a Designated Skipper if asked

Moorings Leopard 4500

Moorings Leopard 4500

  • $4,795 single in a private cabin
  • $4,295 per person, sharing a cabin

Category 2: Offshore Sailing School Graduates with US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification Only (No US Sailing IPC)

  • $4,995 single in a private cabin
  • $4,495 per person, sharing a cabin

Category 3: Other Qualified Sailors

  • $5,295 single in a private cabin
  • $4,795 per person, sharing a cabin

We highly recommend, if you have US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification, that you apply for the IPC if you do not already have this.

When your completed resume is provided and approved, payments are due. If you book anytime up to February 15,2025 a deposit of 30% of the total package cost – and your sailing resume – are required to hold your spot in the cruise. Final payment is due no later than February 15, 2025. If you book after February 15, 2025 the full amount is due. You are required to sign the cruise Terms & Conditions when you sign up, which spells out cancellation and transfer policies. No refunds or changes are allowed on any cancellations February 15, 2025 or later for any reason.


Swimming and snorkeling in Ponza Island bay

Ponza Island Bay

Here’s What Your Italy Amalfi Coast Sailing Holiday Includes

  • 7 nights in a private or shared cabin on one of the flotilla catamarans, assigned in advance by your cruise leaders
  • Welcome meet and greet party and dinner first night of trip
  • Gala group dinner ashore during the cruise or at end of cruise
  • Starter pack of provisions and bottled water
  • Full fuel and water tanks upon departure, no need to replenish and pay for fuel upon return
  • Cruising permit and damage waiver
  • Commemorative Colgate Sailing Adventures® Flotilla Cruise shirt and hat
  • Comprehensive e-book prepared by Offshore, to help you plan your trip
  • Guidance by expert cruise leaders Nate and Heather Atwater, with the fleet throughout the cruise

Not Included in Your Package

  • Beverages you wish to consume while aboard including water, beer, wine, spirits, juices
    Offshore Sailing School grads on a Colgate Sailing Adventures flotilla cruise

    Offshore Sailing School grads on a Colgate Sailing Adventures flotilla cruise

  • Mooring and docking fees
  • Park permits if any
  • Beverages and meals purchased ashore
  • Food, drinks, expendables you purchase on your own to use or consume aboard or elsewhere
  • Sightseeing tours, boat and other rentals, or other costs you may incur
  • Ground transfers, air and other travel costs
  • Departure tax (usually included in air ticket costs)
  • Any other costs you incur on your own

As with all Colgate Sailing Adventures® Flotilla Cruises, everyone aboard each boat contributes equally to a kitty to cover shared costs during the cruise, usually starting with $100 per person in local currency. To discover local food and cuisine, and the hospitality of those who live there, plan on shopping markets for goodies to share aboard. Most nights you will enjoy dining ashore at seaside and inland eateries.

Who May Participate on a Colgate Sailing Adventures® Flotilla Cruise?

If you are an Offshore Sailing School graduate with Bareboat Cruising Certification (OSS 104 or 104/114) or higher, and love sharing sailing adventures with likeminded sailors, this cruise is for you! If you took OSS 101 or OSS 102 you are also welcome, as well as experienced sailors. All participation acceptance is based on review of the required sailing resume.


Offshore Sailing School grads at meet and greet dinner - Colgate Sailing Adventures flotilla cruise

Offshore Grads on Meet and Greet Dinner First Night of Flotilla Cruise

888-454-7015 or 239-454-1700

Why is a Sailing Resume Required?

All Colgate Sailing Adventures® flotilla cruises are hands-on activities that require unaided mobility on the yacht you live and sail on, and on the dinghies you must board to go ashore and back to the boat, regardless of how choppy the seas and harbor waters might be. You must complete a Sailing Resume before you can be confirmed on this trip. There are many questions, all of which must be answered, including information about medical or physical conditions that may hinder your full participation. Only the cruise leaders and Offshore management see these resumes.

Each Yacht is Assigned a Designated Skipper and Designated Mate by Your Cruise Leaders

Sicilian charter companies and authorities require two people on each boat have an International Proficiency Certification (IPC). A designated Skipper and Designated Mate will be assigned to each boat based on completed Resumes and possession of the IPC. It’s very easy to obtain if you have Bareboat Cruising Certification! Learn how to get it here. Heather and Nate Atwater are your guides as you discover this amazing Amalfi Coast region under sail. They have led Colgate Sailing Adventures® Flotilla cruises for many years and they must have your completed resume in order to assign crews to each boat and choose the designated “skipper and mate” from information you provide on the resume. When you are ready to book, please print, fill out and email the form in the link provided and send it to

Offshore Sailing School Flotilla Cruise Leaders- Nate & Heather Atwater

Flotilla Cruise Leaders – Heather and Nate Atwater

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How to Get to Procida

Fly into Naples International Airport (Capodichino), then catch a ferry or hydrofoil to Procida. More information on flights and where to find the ferries and hydrofoils are included in the e-book sent when you are confirmed as a participant on this cruise. To find the best flights from your home base to Naples, and the best connections to the marina, we highly recommend you call the Moorings/Sunsail travel service (866-649-2003). They have tremendous experience helping sailors get to Sunsail/Moorings destinations. Check your passport now! It must be valid for six months after your return home.

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