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“We’d been engaged for nearly a year and were really not even thinking about planning a wedding when we first started to check into options to learn to sail.”

“Habíamos investigado varias opciones para aprender a navegar y continuamente volvió a Marino en la Escuela de Vela como el mejor disponible. Al hablar con Diana Smith acerca de la 5 días aprender a navegar por supuesto, Scrub Island seemed like a fantastic setting for this adventure, así que reservamos. Poco después, we decided that this was going to be a very special experience that we were going to share together in what was sure to be a very special place for us in the future so why not exchange our marriage vows in the BVI.

Brian, our calm and capable instructor, was very accommodating and made sure that we had ample time to prepare for our wedding on the fourth day of class – which incidentally was the night before our first test sail together!

I don’t know how many couples spend their first day of marriage being tested on the high seas together, but we couldn’t be happier with our memories and are very grateful to Brian, Diana and OSS for being such an important and wonderful part of our overall experience!

While we are certified for up to 30 feet, we know we are not at all experts yet and would like to build on our new found confidence, por lo que estamos pensando en tomar el "Fast Track de crucero 'de golf al lado, así como posiblemente participar en una flotilla de OSS o dos en el futuro. Gracias OSS por la maravillosa experiencia de vela / boda!"

Jay and Pam Hillier
Marquette, Michigan

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