Career Sailing Instructor Sailing School Program

Are you thinking about a sailing career? Would you like the gratification of turning sailing novices into adept sailors – ready to take the helm with confidence?

The Perfect Train-the-Trainers Sailing School Course

If you love to sail and have the talent and knowledge to become a sailing instructor – this sailing instructor course is for YOU. Wenn Sie hervorragende Segelkenntnisse haben und die Nuancen des Gebens Erwachsenen ein „amazing“ Segel-Trainingserfahrung lernen wollen - das Segellehrer Kurs ist für,,en,sind bereit, Sie zu einem Segellehrer helfen,,en,Wenn Sie sich für diesen Zeitraum nicht verfügbar sind, werden wir Sie auf der Warteliste für den nächsten verfügbaren Segellehrer Kurs platzieren,,en,Sobald Sie ein Segellehrer zu werden, melden Sie erhalten Sie das US Sailing Grund Keelboat Lehrbuch und unseren umfassenden 120-seitiges Fast Track zu Segellehrbuch von der Colgates geschrieben,,en,Während dieser Segellehrer Kurs,,en,Sie lernen, wie man in einem Klassenzimmer mit audiovisueller Unterstützung zum Erfolg,,en YOU.

Learn the “Right” Way to Teach Sailing and Earn Instructor Certification Too

Amerikas #1 Sailing School is owned and operated by National Sailing Hall of Inductee, Steve Colgate, and National Women’s Sailing Association founder, Doris Colgate. Their team of US Sailing Certified Instructors, led by Chief Operations Manager, Bryce Jackson, are ready to help you become a sailing instructor.
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Anruf 888-454-7015 to put your name on our wait list for the next Sailing Instructor Course dates. These will be announced periodically throughout the year. The inaugural summer course is underway now with future course dates to be announced.

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About the Sailing Instructor Training Course

The first three days of this comprehensive program you are in classroom and on-water training sessions each day, from early morning to 5 p.m. You not only learn the Offshore Sailing School instructor curriculum for the Basic Keelboat Course, you learn the best way to teach sailing from the sailing industry’s acknowledged professionals. The next three days you go through intense evaluation in the US Sailing Instructor Training Evaluation program, in anticipation of earning US Sailing Instructor Certification status.

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Learn What It Takes to Be a Top-Level Sailing Instructor

There are three ways people learn best, all factors that make a sailing course a great sailing course and a sailing instructor “awesome” in the words of our many graduates. These are:

Visual – As soon as you sign up to become a sailing instructor you receive the US Sailing Basic Keelboat textbook and our comprehensive 120-page Fast Track to Sailing textbook written by the Colgates.

Auditory – Every day, just like our students, you attend classroom sessions to reinforce what is covered in the books. During this time you learn how to graphically explain the “whys” not just the “hows” of what students will encounter on the water, using a variety of teaching aides.

Kinesthetic – Then you head to the Colgate 26 fleet at docks just outside the Klassenzimmer, and go through the step by step process of teaching by encouraging, supporting, inspiring and explaining, not just “showing” on the water.

During this sailing instructor course, you learn how to succeed in a classroom setting with audio-visual support; how to pace your classroom time; how to engage students. On the water you learn all the subjects required to teach a US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course, how to help students perfect boat handling skills; and rudderless sailing, crew overboard procedures, sailing backwards, anchoring and mooring pick up under sail. The program continues all three days with training drills, follow-the leader and slalom course maneuvers, introductory spinnaker techniques, basic navigation.

Hard Work, Tests and Then Fun!

On the third day you take the Basic Keelboat Course test, and then head back out on the water for a robust Instructor Regatta.

Next Step — The US Sailing Instructor Evaluation Certification Program

The 3-day Train-the-Trainer curriculum teaches you the skills to successfully teach sailing, while preparing you to go through the 3-day comprehensive US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Certification Evaluation – a pre-requisite to become a sailing instructor for Offshore Sailing School and most of the top sailing schools in the country.

What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

To become a certified sailing instructor, you must have strong keelboat sailing skills, knowledge and experience. You should also have a Coast Guard license or the background to achieve it. Instructor candidates in this program are required to display confidence on the water, with the appropriate demeanor to teach adult courses.

All-Inclusive-Paket,,en,Die Preise variieren je nach der Zeit des Jahres und wird zitiert werden, wenn Sie sich erkundigen,,en,Das sechstägige Segel Instructor Training Course Paket mit Unterkünften umfasst,,en,Tag US Sailing Grund Keelboat Instructor Bewertungsprogramm,,en,gesonderte Gebühr bezahlt direkt an US-Segeln,,en,Regatta mit Anerkennung und Auszeichnungen,,en,Sechs Übernachtungen,,en,Die Gebühr für die 3-tägige US Sailing Grund Keelboat Bewertung Instructor Zertifizierung ist derzeit,,en,direkt an US Sailing bezahlt,,en,wir werden die Kosten für Ihre US Sailing Instructor Certification Bewertungsgebühr erstatten,,en,Sie können nur das Instructor Training Course nehmen,,en,Kosten für die 4-Nacht Train-the-Trainer-Kurs-Paket ohne die USA Segeln Bewertung wird zitiert werden, wenn Sie sich erkundigen,,en,Rufen Sie noch heute Ihren Namen für den nächsten verfügbaren Termine auf die Liste zu setzen,,en

Rates vary depending on the time of year and will be quoted when you inquire. The six-day Sailing Instructor Training Course package with accommodations includes:

  • The 3-day Train-the-Trainer course
  • US Sailing Basic Keelboat textbook and Colgate’s Fast Track to Sailing textbook
  • 3-day US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Evaluation program (separate fee paid direct to US Sailing)
  • Regatta with recognition and awards
  • Six nights accommodations
  • Daily per person resort fee and taxes
  • Offshore Sailing School Certificate of Completion and Logbook

Three-Day US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Certification Evaluation

The fee for the 3-day US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Certification Evaluation is currently $410 pro Person, paid direct to US Sailing. A link for the Offshore Sailing School hosted Evaluation will be sent when you sign up for this sailing instructor course.

Teach at Offshore Sailing School

If you successfully complete the full 6-day program, consider joining the Offshore Sailing School faculty team and recoup your Evaluation fee. If Offshore hires you and you commit to an 18-month minimum term as an Offshore Sailing School instructor after your 90-day probationary period, we will refund the cost of your US Sailing Instructor Certification Evaluation fee.

Don’t Want the Evaluation, But Do Want the Three-Day Train-the-Trainer Course?

Yes, you may take just the Instructor Training Course. Cost for the 4-night Train-the-Trainer Course package without the US Sailing Evaluation will be quoted when you inquire.

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