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Our locations on Scrub Island and our Tortola Sailing School in der Moorings Base absolvieren heutzutage viele neue Cruising Segler,,en,An beiden Standorten unterrichten wir an Bord von Moorings 39 US-Segel-Zertifizierungskurse,,en,und 37,,en,Sie können unseren Vorteil nutzen,,en,auf Ihrem 5-tägigen Segelkurs oder Cruising-Kurs, wenn Sie es aufnehmen,,en! At both locations we teach US Sailing certification courses aboard Moorings 39′-48′ monohulls and catamarans, and 37′-50′ Powercats. Check out our new BVI - Best Vacation Idea . . . Ever! Special and save 10% a Learn to Sail or Cruising Course package in 2018. Beautiful Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marine is where you can Learn to Sail or take our popular Fast Track to Cruising course, earning three certifications in a week, with live aboard and stay-ashore options!

The Official Sailing School for The Moorings and Scrub Island Resort

Da 1973, our Offshore Caribbean Sailing school has been the official BVI sailing school for The Moorings, Ausbildung Tausende zu Bareboat genießen Kreuzfahrt mit der weltweit herausragende Vercharterer. We also teach aboard Moorings Power Catamarans. Anruf 888-454-7015 to book your Caribbean sailing vacation with us today!

Come to our BVI Sailing School in the Sailing Capital of the World!

Take a look at this fun video and you’ll see the Colgates sitting on a Moorings 4800, one of the 39′ to 48′ catamarans our instructors teach on in the British Virgin Islands. When you learn here you can charter a catamaran anywhere in the world. So give us a call today and book the most rewarding learning adventure you’ll ever experience!


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