Videos Showcasing the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme in New York City.

Offshore Sailing School Gründer, Steve Colgate, comments on America’s Cup Endeavour Youth Sailing Programme.

Steve Colgate ist ein Offshore-Segler, Olympier, National Sailing Hall of Fame member, Colgate 26 boat designer and owner of Offshore Sailing School with seven locations in Florida, Hafen von New York, and the British Virgin Islands. Above all, Steve says he is, “a lover of sailing.”

Steve Karriere und Leidenschaft sind unerschütterlich, spannt sich von seinem ersten Mal in einem Boot an neun Jahre alt, bis jetzt bei fast 81.

Offshore Sailing School helped over 50 kids go sailing for the first time as a part of the America’s Cup Endeavour Programme.

Steve Colgate der Offshore Segelschule und die Endeavour-Programm

Der Check-in mit den Kindern des Cup Endeavour Programms Amerika

Der Check-in mit den Kindern des Cup Endeavour Programms Amerika

The Endeavour Programme aims to take sailing to communities involved with the America’s Cup, which was first launched in Bermuda, and newly introduced to New York City.

Nic Douglas, Adventures of a Sailor Girl, commented, “I was lucky enough to chat with a group of kids, before they set sail on the Colgate 26 with Offshore Sailing School. ‘Natalie,’ who was terrified about going sailing today… is now hooked and can’t wait to do it again!"

Press Release and Videos provided by Nic Douglas, Adventures of a Sailor Girl. (Mai 7, 2016)