Fantastic Flotilla Cruise in the Windward Islands

Leg 1 - St. Lucia to Grenada – February 1-9, 2019

Leg 2 – Grenada to St. Lucia – February 9-17, 2019

Get Away Next Winter and Sail the Windward Islands of the Caribbean

Each of these Colgate Sailing Adventure Flotilla Cruises are special in their own way, with open water passages, and diverse islands and anchorages to explore. Winter winds are usually 10-25 knots from the northeast, providing the kind of flotilla cruise sailing those of us who live on lakes and calm coasts love. With warm Caribbean temperatures, open water passages and short hops you get lots of sailing time in. When cruising south, you are usually on a beam reach. On northward passages, you will likely experience lively closehauled or close reach sailing. Se embarcará en los barcos 6:00 p.m. en el primer día y que será de los barcos de 11:00 a.m. en el último día.

Choose a One-Way Trip or Sign Up for Both Legs and Truly Get Away

Cuando hicimos esto hace años islas del Caribe cruceros, at least half of the group opted for all 18 days under sail. This time around, sailing the Caribbean islands will be just as spectacular and the discount for signing up for both legs even more enticing. See rates on sailing the Windward Islands below.

About St. Lucía

St. Lucía, where we start the first leg of this cruise and end the second leg, is known as one of the jewels of the Windward Islands. Durante la navegación en St. Lucía, verá un paisaje magnífico salpicado de plantaciones de plátanos. Beautiful harbors and picturesque villages beckon cruising sailors from around the world. Volcanic forested peaks, home to many tropical birds, are covered with flora like giant ferns and wild orchards. A must stop is the pair of dramatically tapered mountains called the Pitons which rise out of the sea on St. Lucia’s west coast. Navegando en St. Lucia será una experiencia inolvidable!

About Grenada

Granada, where we end the first leg start the second leg, is known as “The Spice Island of the Caribbean.” For centuries it has been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. Grenada’s mountainous terrain is abundant with fragrant plants and rare tropical flowers, dotted with crater lakes and bordered by white and black and beaches. Its bustling Market Square, historic forts, spice plantations, rum distilleries, coloridos jardines de coral y hermosas cascadas en la exuberante selva tropical son sólo algunos de los sitios a visitar en su viaje de navegación Granada.

Where Whales, Flying Fish y delfines juegan


Como usted está navegando el Caribe, es posible que vea las ballenas incumplimiento, are certain to catch flying fish as they skirt wave crests. and rush for your cameras as dolphins play in your wake. Cada día le lleva a una diferente, fascinating harbor on a fleet of four Moorings and Sunsail catamarans, guided by cruise leaders Nate and Heather Atwater. Exact itineraries are never set in stone, but below is the suggested itinerary that was followed by Steve and Doris Colgate when they lead two Caribbean islands cruises some time ago.
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Where You Will Sail on This Winter Caribbean Odyssey

Below are highlights of the itinerary stops for each of the legs, in no particular order. Cuando se registra para navegar por el Caribe, obtendrá un libro de crucero con una gran cantidad de información acerca de los itinerarios para cada crucero, always subject to change of course.

Rodney Bay, St. Lucía

Rodney Bay is on the north side of St. Lucía. Once a major British Navy base, it is now a thriving yachting center with a full-service marina, tiendas y restaurantes. Si llega a tiempo es posible que desee explorar el parque de la bahía con jardines y senderos señalizados con placas, o dirigirse a la cercana playa de Reduit o Pigeon Island National Park. Board the boats at 6 p.m., then join your cruise leaders and crew mates for a Meet and Greet Party and dinner at one of the local restaurants nearby.

Soufriere and The Pitons

los pitones, Patrimonio de la Humanidad, Se picos cónicos aumento de más de 2,000 pies del mar. Justo al norte de Petit Piton (elevación 2,460 feet) es la pequeña ciudad encantadora de Soufriere, que comparte el nombre del volcán inactivo en las inmediaciones, el único en el mundo que puede conducir un coche justo en el interior! Soufriere’s charming Creole-style buildings are decorated with gingerbread trim and old-world balconies. Attractions include Sulfur Springs, the volcanic-heated waters of Diamond Baths and its tropical gardens, cascadas Maho, y el Jalousie Plantation. Join a guided hiking tour in the rain forest near Morne Fond St. Jacques. Climb to the top of Gros Piton (2.619 feet) para una increíble vista. Además de navegar por el Caribe, usted tiene la oportunidad de bucear a lo largo de bellos arrecifes. Por la tarde, cenar a bordo o disfrutar de uno de los muchos restaurantes a lo largo de la costa y en la ciudad.

Admiralty Bay, Bequia

El único asentamiento en la isla, Port Elizabeth, en la bahía del Almirantazgo, está en el lado oeste de la isla, donde encontrará una variedad de tiendas, boutiques, los mercados de alimentos, una libreria, y un montón de bares y restaurantes. Bequia tiene una larga tradición de la pesca y la construcción de barcos. La caza de ballenas de los barcos de vela abiertos todavía ocurre de vez en cuando por un acuerdo especial con la Comisión Ballenera Internacional (maximum four whales per season). Hay un montón de espacio para anclar y amarres también están disponibles. Admiralty Bay is another great place to dine ashore including the Frangipani Hotel for a Caribbean-fare dinner or others listed on the schedule. Las atracciones incluyen el Museo Marítimo Bequia, Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, y el pequeño museo de la caza de ballenas en la casa de uno de los arponeros más famosos de Bequia.

Tobago Cays

There are so many highlights in these five deserted islands, all part of Tobago Cays Marine Park, which also encompasses Mayreau Island. Horseshoe Reef nearly encircles the four main cays, and beyond the reef is Petit Tabac. Pick up a mooring and then set out in the dinghy to look for sea turtles and other fascinating marine life as this is one of the premier snorkeling and diving locales in the entire Windward chain. Dinghy to one of the crystal-clear reefs for amazing snorkeling. No docks are available but you can beach the dinghy for a swim on one of the cays. Perhaps here Heather and Nate will line up a local for a fun beach barbecue. Be prepared to purchase souvenirs as there are many entrepreneurial local boat owners who ply the anchorages selling ice, pan de molde, fresh caught fish, langostas y, por supuesto,, t-shirts! Completely undeveloped and uninhabited, the park is a place where time stands still, and stargazing is “balm for the soul,” according to The Moorings website.

Salt Whistle Bay and Saline Bay, Mayreau

Tiny Mayreau is surrounded by crystal clear waters, and bordered by powder-fine sand and lush forests. The fleet will moor in sheltered Salt Whistle Bay, where you’ll find a quaint traditional village. Locals will cook up a lobster barbecue on the beach, and if you want to stretch your legs, head to Salt Pond tucked behind trees bordering the broad sandy beach in Saline Bay.



En 1958 Mustique fue vendido por sus propietarios originales a un noble escocés ricos, Lord Glenconner, cuyo abuelo inventó lejía. Señor Glenconner compró la isla como un regalo para su esposa, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. Durante años, la isla era un refugio exclusivo para los ricos y famosos, including Princess Margaret who received a 5-acre peninsula on the island from Lord Glenconner as a wedding present in 1960. Nuestra flota permanecerá amarrado en Britannia Bay, casa de barra de Basil, a must stop for yachties where you can sample BMustique Whammy del asil and enjoy the Miércoles night Jump Up and Barbecue Night. El imperio de la albahaca Charles consiste en su restaurante, una tienda, tienda gourmet cerca, con buenos vinos, quesos y otras delicias gourmet, y una tienda de antigüedades y objetos de colección. La isla tiene muchas tiendas más exclusivas, un puesto de verduras frescas junto a Basilio, un montón de restaurantes, incluyendo una 18º molino de azúcar del siglo llamado la Casa Hotel Cotton y Restaurante (caro y exclusivo con una vista excepcional). Para explorar la isla se puede alquilar carritos de golf (called mulas). Before leaving the next morning, be sure to get fresh croissants, pain au chocolate and fresh baguettes from Sweetie Pie Bakery, Cafe and Boulangerie.

Blue Lagoon, Young Island

Young Island tiene una variedad de buenos puertos, incluyendo uno en Young Island Cut en el extremo sur de San. Vicente. The flotilla will likely head to Blue Lagoon, un puerto bien protegido en el extremo sur de la isla. En la isla principal de San. Vicente varias atracciones: En la cabecera del valle de Mesopotamia se sienta Montreal jardines donde se puede caminar a lo largo de senderos bordeados de flores tropicales fragantes; o visite el Jardín Botánico, Las caídas del Baleine, Fort Charlotte y el asombroso 3.000 'volcán Soufriere. Yes, que es un poco de una caminata, pero bien vale la pena el esfuerzo si hay tiempo.

Wallilabou Bay, San Vicente

Este fue el escenario de piratas del Caribe with Johnny Depp in 2003 and we hear the lastest version 5! It’s a popular spot for cruisers to see the remains of the original set ashore. Here the fleet may have to work with boat boys, miembros de la Asociación pasacables Wallilabou - Un grupo de emprendedores con camisetas e insignias que denotan su calidad de miembro. Hay un muy buen restaurante y bar en tierra, además de agua, hielo, duchas gratis, acceso a Internet, y el servicio de basura. Just up the road you might find a small snack shop and ladies weaving baskets. Nadar, ir a las cataratas a una milla a la izquierda del anclaje.

Petit Martinque

Grenada’s northernmost island is a great place to go ashore to replenish water, drinks, ice and more. Many residents here make their living building boats, notably plywood speedboats. You can find great snorkeling and exploring at Fota and Petite Dominque which are reached by dinghy. Mopion, known as the world’s smallest island with a structure, is surrounded by reefs, and is a great place to stop for lunch.

Prickly Bay

A popular bay with resorts, restaurants and even a golf club, Prickly Bay is one of the best anchorages with customs and immigration clearance. It is popular! Ashore you can enjoy live steel drum band music at the yacht club’s bar, and if you have time, organize a land tour into the rain forest where you can cool off in one of Grenada’s many waterfalls.

Marigot Bay


Este es nuestro último día de la vela, un buen momento para recordar el pasado sobre la semana y observar a las ballenas y delfines en el camino. Escondido en la base de empinada, verdes colinas de la costa occidental de St. Lucia es hermosa bahía de Marigot - un lugar encantador para relajarse antes de regresar a Rodney Bay. Los restaurantes aquí son conocidos por su cocina francesa. El nuevo Capella Resort se encuentra en la ladera donde el grupo disfrutará de un fin de gala de la cena crucero. Si hay tiempo, Puede realizar una visita de la tierra circundante o la cabeza a St. parque marino de Lucia como un excelente buceo y snorkel entre los numerosos arrecifes de poca profundidad cerca de la costa.

St. Bahía de George, Granada

The Moorings/Sunsail base is in Port Louis Marina in the capital city of Grenada, St. George. It’s colonial buildings ae crowned by orange fish-scale tiles, nestled between multi-colored homes at the forests edge. Narrow streets boast many shops, restaurants and bars. Bay Gardens has over 3000 especies de plantas del Caribe. The Carenage along the inner harbor is perfect for a scenic waterfront walk. On Saturdays the place to be is in St. Plaza de George Mercado, and the first leg ends here on Saturday!. Fort George, construido en 1705, overlooks the harbor to the west and offers spectacular hilltop views.

Dragon Bay

This bay is a nice reach from Port Louis, with amazing snorkeling at Moliniere Point, and an underwater sculpture garden, rumored to be home to a family of black and red sea horses. Government mooring balls are available. The islands palm-fringed black-sand beach is unique.


Escondido en la base de empinada, verdes colinas de la costa occidental de St. Lucia es hermosa bahía de Marigot - un lugar encantador para relajarse antes de regresar a Rodney Bay. Los restaurantes aquí son conocidos por su cocina francesa. The Capella Resort sits on the hillside where you can enjoy a lovely dinner. Si hay tiempo, Puede realizar una visita de la tierra circundante o la cabeza a St. parque marino de Lucia como un excelente buceo y snorkel entre los numerosos arrecifes de poca profundidad cerca de la costa.

Union Island

After clearing customs and immigration out of Grenada, you can sail across to Union Island which is part of St. Vicente y las Granadinas. Clifton Harbour is where you clear into St. Vicente. The island’s main town, Clifton Harbour is a bustling port full of color and welcoming islanders. Roads and trails offer some of the best hiking and biking in The Grenadines. Enjoy a drink on Happy Island, an island made entirely from conch shells. Union has neat boutiques with clothing, local original art, hand-made jewelry and gifts. Well known for its entertainment and fun restaurants, it also offers superb hiking and biking with great view points at Fort Hill, Ashton, Mt. Campbell and Mt. Taboi. You may want to hire a local guide, familiar with the trails to get to the best view points. Facilities here include the Anchorage Yacht Club, Aquarium and Captain Gourmet Café which all offer free WiFi.


Sunbathing and excellent snorkeling is great around Sandy Island. The town of Hillsborough is Cariacou’s port of clearance, with a tourist office facing the main dock. Built on a glorious beach, the town offers charming seaside dining. A short walk from the docks is a museum featuring an eclectic collection of art and historical artifacts. Para la cultura local, pay a visit to one of the many rum shops and watch local build traditional boats on the beach. Around the corner in Tyrrel Bay is an excellent deep, well protected anchorage. A mangrove swamp, protected by the fisheries department is well worth a visit by dinghy. There is also good hiking including a walk up Chapeau Carre. Businesses and restaurants line the waterfront. Oysters, lobster (in season), fruits, jewelry and calypso music can be purchased from local boat-men. Free bay-wide WiFi is funded by local businesses, based at Tyrell Bay Yacht Haul Out.

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The Offshore Cruising Club Flotilla Fleet

Sunsail 444 Layout

La flota flotilla para ambas piernas es de cuatro barcos 4-cabina, each with spacious decks, a large cockpit for relaxing and dining, big main salon with galley area, four private cabins and two or four heads as shown on the layouts. All yachts have generator-powered A/C, electric winches, plenty of storage, and excellent head room for taller sailors on the cruise.

Sunsail 404 Layout

Each of these comfy catamarans can have up to 8 participants aboard, depending on the number of private and shared cabins assigned to each vessel.

Sunsail 454 Layout

Heather and Nate will set up the crews on each boat based on levels of experience, making sure each boat has at least one sailor with US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification who can act as “skipper” and another who will be the primary “navigator” (though all should take part in navigating so you know where you are as you sail from one island and anchorage to another).

Amarras 4800 Layout


Sólo 15 Cabins Available!

Package Rates for Leg 1, St. Lucia to Grenada or Leg 2, Grenada St. Lucía

  • Single traveler in a private cabin – $3495
  • Two people traveling together and sharing a cabin – $2795 por persona

Loyalty Discount for Qualifying Participants

Si ha participado en una flotilla de cruceros Colgate Vela Aventura en los últimos dos años y / o usted es un graduado Marino en la Escuela de Vela con la certificación de los Estados Unidos de vela de crucero sin tripulación tiene derecho a una 5% discount on the above rates:

  • Grad single traveler in a private cabin – $3320
  • Two grads sharing cabin, both with certification – $2655 por persona

If only one grad sharing cabin qualifies for the loyalty discount, or you have signed up yourself and someone else in private cabins and one of you does not qualify for the discount, the non-grad pays regular price.

Package Rates for Both Legs — Round Trip St. Lucia-Grenada-St. Lucía

Sign up for both legs and cruise to your hearts content for 18 día! You are sure to have way more fun than your buddies back home shoveling snow, y usted tiene el tiempo de su vida en su St. Lucía a Granada viaje en velero 10% discount on your total package price, plus the 5% loyalty discount if you qualify (see above for details):

  • Round trip single traveler in a private cabin – $6291
  • Two people traveling together and sharing a cabin – $5031 por persona.

Roundtrip Loyalty Discount for qualifying past cruise participants and Offshore Sailing School Graduates:

  • Qualifying grad single traveler in a private cabin – $5976
  • Two grads sharing cabin, both qualifying – $4779 por persona

Deposits, Payments and Cancellation Procedures

Se requiere el pago completo después de octubre 1, 2018, with an additional $300 depósito de seguridad del barco por persona. No refunds are allowed after September 30, 2018. If you sign up for both legs and decide to cancel one of them, your per person rate will revert back to the single leg package rate without the discount for purchasing both legs. If cancelling one of the legs after September 30, 2018 no refund will be provided for the cancelled leg.

Included in Your Package

  • Your shared or private cabin aboard a Moorings 4800, Sunsail 454, 444 o 404 catamaran – assigned by cruise leaders in advance
  • Se junta en los barcos 6:00 p.m. en el primer día y la recepción de bienvenida y orientación se llevará a cabo la noche. A dormir a bordo en el puerto deportivo de la primera noche
  • Provisions for all breakfasts, almuerzos, aperitivos y tres cenas a bordo
  • Ice, water and fuel aboard boat when you start out
  • Commemorative Windward Islands Cruise shirt and cap

Other Costs to Plan For

  • Travel to and from St. Lucia and or Grenada
  • Taxi to and from local airports/base – $25-$90 per person depending on which airport you come into or leave from
  • Los derechos de amarre, probably four to five during cruise, cost shared by crew on each boat – $30-$50 per boat per night
  • Drinks and dinners ashore – dinners around $60 per person plus 10-15% tip
  • Customs fees entering St. Vincent and back into St. Lucía – around $35 por persona, overtime fees apply after 4:30 p.m.
  • Boat boys tips when they take your lines (sometimes cannot be avoided) – $5-$20 shared by crew on each boat
  • Park fees – around $10 por persona
  • El alcohol y otras bebidas y disposiciones compraron compartir o consumen por su cuenta a bordo de la embarcación antes de y durante el crucero
  • Docking fees – if used, not known at this time, shared by crew on each boat

Don’t Wait, Reservar!

¿Quién puede participar

Colgate Vela aventuras flotilla Caribe vacaciones velero de crucero son para los navegantes que disfrutan de la compañía de otros navegantes. All participants should have minimum certification at the Aprende a navegar level (o experiencia equivalente) and experience on boats of at least 26’ in length. También debe estar en buen estado de salud, con la fuerza y ​​la capacidad de moverse sobre un barco que cruza fácilmente en marcha; able to get into a dinghy from the cruising boat and back onto it without assistance. As part of this flotilla sailing holiday, usted debe estar dispuesto a participar con otras personas a bordo - velas de recorte, gobierno, ayudando con anclaje, docking, recogiendo amarres, y compartir la cocina y la limpieza,en. La edad mínima para participar es de 18. More information on how the cruises are run is on this page.

Travel to and From St. Lucia and Grenada

St. Lucia Airports: Hewanorra International Airport (approximately 1.5 hour taxi-ride to base); and George Charles Airport (approximately 30 minute taxi-ride to base). Airlines servicing St. Lucia include Air Canada, British Airways, Delta, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic among others. Hotels listed by The Moorings on their website include Bay Garden Inn & Beach Resort, Beau Rivage Villa, Rex St. Lucía, Coco Palm and Palm Haven.

Grenada Airport: Maurice Bishop International Airport is located at the southern tip of Grenada, 5 miles from St. George’s, served by direct and indirect flights from the United States, Canada and London. Direct flights from the U.S. are via Delta, American and Virgin Atlantic Airways. There are many hotels in St. George’s including Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa, Coyaba Beach Resort Grenada Grand Beach Resort & Convention Centre, Spice Island Beach Resort, and True Blue Resort (in Grand Anse).

The Moorings Travel Desk, 866-649-2003 has extensive experience booking flights for charterers to this destination. Call them.

Photo Credits: Most of the photos on from The Moorings and Sunsail websites. Algunos fueron llevados por Steve y Doris Colgate cuando se navega hace las islas de barlovento varios años.