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Novice to Passage Making in One Year — OSS 101/103/104 and OSS 105/106

Colgate Offshore Accelerated Sail Training = COAST®

This US sailing certification course is truly your ticket to blue water sailing and a Sailing MBA. COAST is the acronym for Colgate Offshore Accelerated Sail Training® – a highly productive two-step program unique only to Offshore Sailing School’s blue water sailing instruction. The COAST offshore passage making courses are equivalent to getting a practical Sailing MBA and are excellent sailing courses for beginners. This learn to sail course delivers five certifications in two comprehensive Fast Track® courses that take you from novice to competent cruiser and navigator with confidence and skills to sail large boats on open waters.
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The Greatest Classroom in the World!®Student steering a boat

This is what one of our graduates called his offshore passage making US sailing certification course experience with Offshore Sailing School. He entered one of our anniversary contests and won a free week-long charter with The Moorings in the British Virgin Islands thanks to his slogan and photo. We trademarked The Greatest Classroom in the World!® with his permission, and know you will concur when you graduate with the ultimate sailing degree.

“My overall experience was fantastic. It was challenging, yet very rewarding. I went in apprehensive and knowing very little, and walked away confident and thirsty for more. I can’t wait for the rest of the COAST program!!”

Jacob Travelle – Austin, TX
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Your Sailing MBA

With this Advanced Sailing Degree you are guaranteed to reach the pinnacle of sailing education in just one year. COAST involves just two trips away from your busy life in a 12-month period. First you take our Fast Track® to Cruising Course, and then you finish with our Fast Track® to Coastal Passage Making Course. Does it work? You bet! Just read what Bruce MacBain wrote after finishing COAST. Like Bruce, you can go from novice to passage making and chart your course to a whole new life too!

“It’s with great pleasure that I announce that after being a loyal (and very satisfied) student of Offshore Sailing School, I am now moving on to my final career of a life at sea. After 3-1/2 years of planning, I have successfully sold my 21 year-old business, sold my house, placed my worldly possessions in storage and am heading to Nova Scotia to sign on to the barque ‘Picton Castle’ as a sail trainee for a 13-month around the world voyage to further my education and to receive the necessary training and time at sea to qualify for my Able-Bodied Seaman’s license and 100-ton captain’s license. I want to thank you and your highly competent and professional staff for all you have taught me throughout my course of (COAST) study at Offshore Sailing School. Keep up the good work!”

Bruce MacBain – Bedford, NH
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COAST Saves 10% on Each Fast Track Program

Here are details on how it works:

  • A $1000 deposit is required up front to lock in current rates and your discounts. This deposit is deducted from the final payment of Fast Track® to Coastal Passage Making, the second course in your COAST package.
  • In addition, you get 10% off the total package price of each Fast Track program, quoted to you when you sign up for Fast Track® to Cruising, step 1 of COAST.
  • 30% of the total cost of each Fast Track® course is due and payable when you sign up and pick your dates (full payment if 120 days or less prior to a start date).Because you are committing to two Fast Track® courses with your initial booking, you lock in current rates for both courses.

Your first course – Fast Track to Group of men on a boat posing for a photo Cruising® (OSS 101/103/104) – combines the first two days of our Learn to Sail Certification Course (OSS101) with our 6-day Live Aboard Cruising Certification Course (OSS 103/104). Your second course – Fast Track® to Coastal Passage Making (OSS 105/106) – combines the 2-day shore-based Coastal Navigation Certification Course (OSS 105) with the 6-day Coastal Passage Making Certification Course (OSS 106). You must complete your second course within 12 months of completing your first course, or the savings is forfeited.

“Having never really sailed prior to beginning my COAST program training, I can now say I’ve acquired the knowledge, skills and confidence to sail both monohulls and catamarans. I can only thank the wonderful Offshore Instructors that I had the privilege to learn under. The quality of instruction I received has been far beyond my expectations.”

Robb Hudson – Ft. Mill, SC

Robb is in turquoise shirt with Coastal Passage Making course crewmates and instructors, Jacek Wierzbicki and Rick Hinman

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Five US Sailing Certifications Included

In COAST, you receive US Sailing Certification testing for your coastal passage making certification at no additional cost. As part of that bonus, you become a member of the official governing board for sailing in the United States. US Sailing was founded in the 1800’s and appointed by Congress to represent the United States in all matters pertaining to sailing, including the Olympics and other international competition. Please click on each of the Fast Track® Courses below for more details. One of our sailing advisors will be happy to work with you on your package costs as they vary by location and time of year. Just call 888-454-7015 or 239-454-1700 or email

Fast Track To Cruising®
1. Basic Keelboat Certification – OSS 101
2. Basic Cruising Certification – OSS 103
3. Bareboat Cruising Certification – OSS 104

Fast Track® to Coastal Passage Making
4. Coastal Navigation Certification – OSS 105
5. Coastal Passage Making Certification – OSS 106

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