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Our Big Fat Greek Flotilla!

By Junio 27, 201817 de septiembre, 2019Sin Comentarios

Another wonderful Colgate Sailing Adventure is in the logbook. Este crucero de vela Colgate aventuras flotilla en las islas griegas, se llevó a cabo de nuevo por los líderes de la flotilla populares, Nate and Heather Atwater. A continuación se presentan extractos del diario de Heather.

Sábado 6-16-18 - Día de Llegada a Marina Zea

Todo el mundo llegó a la base Zea Marina en el Pireo de buen humor. Estábamos programados para un embarque embarcación 18:00 y reunión Skipper / Navigator con Ted de Marina Zea. Nate y yo nos encontramos con Mike, the base Manager, the previous day to review our itinerary. Mike recomienda que hacemos algunos cambios para mantener las distancias a una vela cómoda, llegar a los puertos suficientes temprano para encontrar puntos de atraque, y disfrutar de lo natural y el hombre hizo maravillas que habíamos llegado a Grecia para experimentar. Basado en la investigación de Nate y sugerencias de Mike, we developed a new plan.

Saber del griego How to Eat!

A las 6 pm abordamos los barcos y estibados disposiciones, a continuación, discontinua a la Recogida en el 7:30pm at Portofino Seafood Restaurant. A lovely long table set for 23 people awaited us, nicely appointed with olives. After our brief safety talk, comenzamos a llegar a conocerse, Y comí, Y comí. These folks in Greece know how to eat. First course: tartar de salmón, entonces la opción de ensalada seguido de un limpiador de paladar sorbete de limón, then the main dish, a continuación, el postre, que fue una elección de pastel de queso o chocolate con helado delicia. We were beginning to see how the Greek take their dining experience and fresh food very seriously. We had two occasions to celebrate with candles; cumpleaños de Lulú y Shannon y Sharon 10º anniversary. We rolled back to our catamarans that would be our homes for the next week, and when I got into my bunk and looked at my phone it was 11:45, exhausted!

Domingo 6-17-18 - En marcha en nuestro primer día de navegación, a Epidauro

Nuestra flota se componía de cuatro 444S Sunsail Fegari, Nube Azul, La Luna, and a Sunsail 404 Immortality. After acquiring a few items from the base such as, hielo y extra toallas, we set off from the Piraeus base around 10am heading toward Epidaurus on the Peloponnese Peninsula. The wind was non-existent, so we started off powering, leaving the mountainous shore of Piraeus behind us and threading past Aegina Island to port. When we arrived, the main quay was full, por lo que nos anclado en la bahía vecina un trayecto muy corto en bote de distancia.

The afternoon was rainy, so we chose to relax aboard, then headed to town to explore and enjoy an early dinner. Each boat organized their own evening. We joined another crew for a walkabout and a lovely dinner inland a bit at a very local restaurant where we feasted on meatballs, Jabalí, fresh fish, tzatziki, lamb kabob, feta with honey, y moussaka. The owners were so engaging and kind, bringing us desserts and wine on the house. It was an excellent experience and we enjoyed great company!

Lunes 6-18-18 - En primer lugar al anfiteatro y luego a Perdika Bay

Today we got any early start to catch taxis to visit the ancient Amphitheatre of Epidaurus before the crowds and the heat ensued. It was a good move as we really had the place to ourselves to visit and see the museum as well. As we left the ancient site the crowds appeared. After a relaxing coffee in one of the seaside cafes, we headed to the boats and Nate made his rounds, then we set sail for Perdika Bay. With light air, we practiced our engine maneuvers, man overboard drills and raising and lowering the sails.

Un pueblo Pesca hermosa para explorar

Upon arrival in Perdika we med moored. Once we were all settled in, we hiked, enjoyed cocktails, ate, swam, shopped, and otherwise enjoyed ourselves. Perdika Bay is a beautiful fishing village so for our meal that night we ate at a seaside restaurant where we chose our fish, prepared to our liking. In Greece as in much of the Mediterranean, their world slows to a halt for the mid-day heat; shops close and reopen later in the afternoon into the late evening. Strolling along the waters in the evening for a drink or a gelato is a very nice way of life. There is a beautiful chapel at the tip of the island that is worth the short stroll and the small island is easily explored on foot. The paths are narrow as you explore the interior and the homes are covered in flowering vines while the backyard gardens have many vegetables growing. We saw olive trees, fig trees, pomegranate, orange trees, as well as many different flowering trees and shrubs.

Martes 6-19-18 - Una gran vela a Poros

Hemos dejado Perdika Bay a las 8 am y tenía una gran vela a la isla de Poros. Nos cuadraba a favor del viento, mientras que llegar a través de la amplia corte entre Poros y la península de Peloponeso. We dropped sails and put down a lunch hook for a lovely refreshing swim in Russian Bay. After a nice cool down we continued to Poros Town. It was an exciting time med mooring in Poros town and once settled, we had time to nap, explorar, shop, rent cars, to one’s own desires. That night, we all met in one of the waterside restaurants for a feisty dinner.

Miércoles 6-20-18 - Llegar a la isla de Hydra

Nos dirigimos a las 8 am para Hydra pronunciada “Idra” - otra preciosa vela en un amplio alcance. En Fegari navegamos ala y ala a través del corte entre Spathi y Tselevinia. Very nicely done girls!! The wind had built a bit (not in the forecast) to a brisk 19 knots by the time we dropped sail outside of Mondraki Bay. This was a smaller, less crowded harbor than Hydra town and a lot easier to moor in. We med moored and fed our stern lines through rusty rings in the rocks. A line-throwing contest ensued with long heavy wet lines to achieve the goal of med mooring our little fleet safely in the Bay.

la Vela, las vistas, El paisaje - Todos impresionante!

Maravilloso . . . impresionantemente hermosa. The sailing, the sights, el paisaje . . . realmente impresionante. Once settled we did our own thing again. Algunos se fueron a tierra para la playa, others took the water taxi to town. Lulu even hiked over the hill to Hydra Town taking beautiful photos along the way. We took the water taxi and hopped on the famous donkeys for a lovely ride around the town with a local guide. Such fun, and a good way to scope out the town as well. A continuación, nos relajamos en una cafetería local. They sure know how to make a delicious iced café latte, yum (makes Starbucks look amateur)! The shopping on Hydra was good with lots of neat places to wander and explore.

We had dinner around 7pm; some went to the swanky spot overlooking the harbor, our boat explored inland to a very old restaurant that was traditional with local fare. We took water taxis home after a great day!!

Jueves 6-21-18 - Las lecciones aprendidas en la luz Tacking

Después de Nate había lo hicieron sus reuniones mañana navegación salimos de Hydra en una brisa ligera, tacking back up the channel we had sailed down the day before. It was a good chance to practice our light air tacking, y se requiere una cierta habilidad en estos gatos para mantenerlos en movimiento a través de una tachuela de aire luz con la velocidad. We found that building speed before the tack, then back-winding the small jib through the tack, were essential to tack the cats in light air. I gave our boat crew a lesson in sail plan area calculations. Examen sorpresa, pam, what are the I, J, P and E measurements and why are they important?

After sailing through the cut and on for a bit, nos cayó velas y alimentado a través Poros y más allá de la Bahía de Rusia a nuestro destino, a small, craggy harbor named Gerolimani, just before the cut. We all arrived and dropped our hooks, a continuación, organizó un cóctel 18:00 a bordo de nuestro barco Fégaré Para más diversión y grupales fotos. Despite the yellow jackets, a good time was had by all. We ate aboard that night and enjoyed a yummy spaghetti dinner.

Viernes 6-22-18 - Volver a la Base Sunsail en Pireo

We had a late start with light air, así que energizada para iniciar. The wind picked up a bit as we got closer to Piraeus and we did have a nice sail. It was a sad day as we all knew the end was near to our adventures. Regresamos a la base alrededor de las 4 pm y el personal de Marina Zea fue muy útil, ayudarnos en acoplamiento, la conexión a corriente de tierra, etc. Después de que los patrones pasaron por el procedimiento de pago con el personal Sunsail, Nate gathered the entire group to say a few words and thank everyone for another wonderful trip. Some participants got off the boats that night, pero la mayoría de nosotros nos quedamos a bordo y desembarcar, a la mañana siguiente a las 9 am. Un grupo grande de nosotros se reunieron para celebrar una última cena juntos en otro restaurante adyacente a donde recibimos el Meet and Greet, un final perfecto para nuestras vacaciones de vela en las islas griegas. Next up, Tahití! Echa un vistazo a todos los próximos vacaciones flotilla de veleros today.

Vela feliz!

Nate & Heather Atwater

PD. Tenemos tantos recuerdos y fotos para compartir gratos de nuestra flotilla en Grecia que ponerlos en la presentación de diapositivas a continuación. Disfruta!

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