Lease Management Opportunities with Offshore Sailing School

Three Options to Own the Perfect Sail or Power Cruising Yacht with Guaranteed Investment Return


The new Jeanneau 479 in Offshore Sailing School’s lease management fleet, has just been put on the market by its owner. Brand new in October 2017, continuously maintained and insured by Offshore Sailing School, this 4-cabin beauty is in fantastic condition and will soon go to a new owner with an extended one-year warranty from Jeanneau America.

Asking Price is just $367,400!

Fully outfitted for sailing, everything included. Taxes, registration and closing costs are the only extra costs.

Why Purchase a Yacht for Continued Use in Offshore Sailing School’s SW Florida Fleet?

Because you get to own and sail it without the hassles of routine maintenance, docking fees, hull and liability insurance, and other costs; and you get the benefits of  monthly lease returns on your investment, use of the boat at least four week’s each year, knowing that your boat will be used only for instruction with a licensed instructor aboard at all times, and that your yacht will not be subjected to the rigors endured when used in a “charter” fleet.


Asking Price $629,000

Offshore Sailing School has a Leopard 48 catamaran in its fleet which was also placed on the market by its owner, because his lifestyle has changed. We would entertain continuing use of this popular three-cabin catamaran with a new owner, and are also looking for another sailing cat (preferably 4-cabin) in the 40′ to 48′ range. We cannot keep up with the demand for our Catamaran Cruising Courses with just one yacht (happily). All of the Offshore responsibilities and benefits to you are the same as listed This is a great opportunity for a busy sailor who just doesn’t have time for all that goes with yacht ownership.for the Jeanneau 479 above.


That’s good too, as Offshore Sailing School is adding power cats to its fleet in SW Florida, to keep up with the growing demand for expert instruction on large power yachts. Ideally, the school would like at least one 4-cabin Leopard or Aquila power cat in the 40’-50’ range for a new Florida-based Fast Track to Power Cruising Course, as this is what our clients are preparing to charter in the Caribbean. Again, all of the Offshore responsibilities and benefits to you are the same as listed for the Jeanneau 479 above.


Talk to Steve Colgate or Bryce Jackson today about how the program works. This is a great opportunity for those who love the idea of owning a yacht, but don’t have the time to deal with managing and caring for that yacht. It also appears there may be substantial tax benefits in the new tax law if certain criteria are met. All three yachts will be berthed at an Offshore Sailing School base on Ft. Myers Beach, Captiva Island, or Cape Coral in SW Florida – where cruising opportunities are excellent. If you would like to speak with an owner who has been very happy with the program, just let Steve or Bryce know when you call or email.

Steve Colgate, Offshore Sailing School Founder and Chairman
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Bryce Jackson, Offshore Sailing School Chief Operations Manager
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