Catamaran Sailing Courses

Sailboat Cruising Courses on Twin-Hulled Sailboats

If you plan to charter catamarans or purchase your own boat the Live Aboard Cruising Course or Catamaran Bareboat Charter Certification Course on catamarans are the most popular choices. If you don’t have good small boat sailing skills, our Fast Track to Cruising Course is your ticket to sailing catamarans. You learn on cruising catamarans with three or four private cabins, large open salon, galley with 360 degree views, a big trampoline forward for sunning, and spacious seating in the cockpit area. Catamaran Sailing Courses are available in Florida and the British Virgin Islands, with a minimum of two participants required to start catamaran sailing courses (maximum four unless purchasing a Private Family Catamaran Course option).

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“Everything about my catamaran live aboard cruising course exceeded my expectations. Great sailing, the navigation and itinerary between islands were very well prepared, outstanding course content and sailing practice.”

Vincent Schmitt – Hillsborough, NJ
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Catamaran Certification Courses

You learn all about handing catamaran sailing from expert, licensed and certified Offshore catamaran sailing vacationsSailing School cruising instructors who cover what you need to know to make your catamaran sailing adventures more fun and relaxing. Since these boats tend to have more windage than cruising monohulls specific docking maneuvers are taught to make your landing easy. Tacking angles vary from single-hulled (monohull) sailboats. During our catamaran sailing courses, you learn about shortening sail in heavy weather and crew overboard recovery techniques which can be distinctive to catamaran sailing.

“We had an amazing experience! We came away with way more knowledge and excitement to learn. Mike and I really only took this course because it was important to my brother-in-law who had a passion to learn and we wanted to spend time together. Neil took two beginners with only slight curiosity and made us extremely passionate to sail and continue the journey. We rented the 4600 catamaran right after our courses which will allow us to put all this great information to work.”

Heather and Mike Nichols – Selana Beach, CA

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Learning is Fun on a Catamaran Sailing Vacation

catamaran sailing vacationsCatamarans provide the ideal on-water classroom setting while enjoying a catamaran sailing vacation as you navigate from port to port. The huge airy salons on our catamarans, with 360o visibility and lots of natural light, are a boon for pre-sail classroom sessions and after-sail relaxation. Each day you sail and navigate through the islands and along coastlines, putting to use all that you have learned. Preparation of meals is also an important part of this course. There is no chef aboard and instructors are there to guide you, but not cook meals for you. All students share in learning how to prepare meals in a galley aboard.

When you are ready to start cruising in Europe and areas that require a special certificate, all you need after taking one of our catamaran courses is the International Sailing Proficiency Certificate. Learn more here about the IPC from US Sailing. Request an Application form from your Sales Associate. All Offshore Sailing School grads are eligible for the IPC.

A Note About Night Sailing

Most charter agencies do not allow night sailing and require that you are anchored, docked or on a mooring before sunset. Night sailing is not covered in this course, but is covered in Passage Making courses, the next step in your learning process.

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