SW Florida Sailboat Racing Clinic


Dezember 2-6, 2018 - Just Two Spots Left!

At Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina auf Ft. Myers Beach

In this comprehensive and fun Florida sailboat racing school, Sie erleben Non-Stop-Rennen Anweisung an Bord Hochleistungs Colgate 26 keelboats, mornings and afternoons, with shore seminars, recaps, parties, and a full-day regatta at the last day.

Rewarding Sailboat Racing Instruction with the Experts

Morgan Reeser – from Ft. Lauderdale, FL – is your Go-For-The-Gold Guest Expert and lead coach. He will conduct all morning and lunch seminars during the program, facilitate recaps at the end of each day, and participate in on-board coaching mornings and afternoons throughout the Race Clinic.

US Sailing National Coach of the Year is an Olympic Racing Coach

In 2014 Reeser was named US Sailing National Coach of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The USOC’s Coach Recognition Program highlights the accomplishments and contributions of U.S. coaches who train athletes at all levels of Olympic and Paralympic sports. After retiring from Olympic competition following the Sydney 2000 Olympic Trials, Reeser became a full-time coach for Olympic competitors. In January 2018 he coached the 470 Men’s British Olympic Team at the World Sailing’s World Cup Series in Miami.

Some of Morgan Reeser’s Other Racing and Coaching Accomplishments

  • Silver medal in men’s 470 class in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games
  • Competed in the Atlanta 1996 games 470s
  • Gold medal in 470s at the 1986 Goodwill Games-time All-American
  • 1983-1984 Collegiate Sailor of the Year while at US Merchant Marine Academy
  • Primary coach for American men’s 470 team, resulting in four medals at major international events in 2014
  • Coached Greece’s Sofia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoufla to an Olympic Gold Medal in the Women’s 470 Class in 2004
  • Coached Great Britain’s Luke Patience and Stu Bithell to an Olympic Silver Medal in Men’s 470 Class in 2012
  • Coached Great Britain’s Luke Patience and Chris Grube to World Sailing Series Gold Medal in Men’s 470 Class in January 2018

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The Go-For-The-Gold Coaching Team

This rewarding four-day sailboat racing course for sailors who want to win is hosted by America’s Cup and Olympic racer, Steve Colgate – who was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in October 2015. Steve is with you throughout the four-day sailboat racing course, assisting the coaching team and running the race committee boat. Doris Colgate is by his side, taking photographs of your race-training and sailboat races.


MORGAN REESER - is the lead instructor who will conduct all the seminars and recaps (see photo and bio above). Morgan will also coach on on one of the boats throughout the program. The other three coaches are:

TOM BABEL - who many of you know as one of the Performance Race Week and past Go-For-The-Gold Race Clinic coaches. Tom has over forty years of sailboat racing, sailmaking and coaching experience. He grew up sailing in Traverse City, MI where he still lives, started in the sailmaking business in 1973, und seitdem rennt und lehrt er,,en,Seine zahlreichen Siege und Leistungen umfassen Chicago-Mackinac-Rennen,,en,Port Huron-Mackinac Rennen,,en,M. O. R. C.,,vi,S2,,ar,Nordamerikanischer Champion und 5. in J-24 Worlds,,en,Toms Expertise deckt das Spektrum ab,,en,vom großen Boot rennend hinab zum Laser,,en,Jetzt der Besitzer von Tom Babel Sailing Services,,en,er dient als Taktiker,,en,Trainer,,en,und berät in den gesamten Vereinigten Staaten,,en,RUTE FAVELA,,pt,ein weiterer Favorit der vergangenen Performance Race Weeks und Go-for-the-Gold Rennkliniken,,en,ist Eigentümer von Vela Sailing Supply und Experte für Performance Rigging und Layout,,en,Seine Rennerfahrung umfasst das Spektrum von Sunfish und Jollen bis hin zu Vipern,,en,Melges 32s,,en,und Farr 39s,,en,von kleinen Seen zu offenen Ozeanen,,en,als Steuermann,,en,Taktiker,,en,und Trimmer,,en,Rod hat Kinder und Erwachsene in Rennen und Kreuzfahrten trainiert,,en,sowie Meeresrettung,,en. His numerous victories and accomplishments include Chicago-Mackinac races, Port Huron-Mackinac races, M.O.R.C., S2 7.9 North American Champion and 5th in J-24 Worlds. Tom’s expertise covers the spectrum, from big boat racing on down to Lasers. Now the owner of Tom Babel Sailing Services, he serves as tactician, coaches, and consults throughout the United States.

ROD FAVELA - another favorite from past Performance Race Weeks and Go-For-The-Gold Race Clinics, is owner of Vela Sailing Supply and an expert on performance rigging and layout. His racing experience covers the spectrum from Sunfish and dinghies to Vipers, J24s, Melges 32s, and Farr 39s, from small lakes to open oceans, as helmsman, tactician, and trimmer. Ein Bootsgeschwindigkeit Spezialist, Rod has been coaching kids and adults in racing and cruising (as well as marine rescue). Zuletzt gewann er regionale Meisterschaften in Sunfish und die nordamerikanische Meisterschaft in Hobie 33's,,en,Das neueste Projekt von Rod schließt sich dem Distributionsnetzwerk von VX One Design an,,en,Rennen und Förderung dieses 19 'Raketenschiffs,,en,Rod lebt derzeit in Dallas,,en,wo er mit lokalen Jollenflotten und PHRF aktiv ist,,en,CHARLIE SMYTHE,,en,ist ein Grand Prix Segler,,en,Bootskapitän,,en,erfahrener Trainer,,en,und rundherum Segelliebhaber,,en,Charlie wuchs an der texanischen Küste als Optimist auf,,en,Laser und Laser2s,,en,Er machte eine olympische Kampagne auf 49ers in,,en,Dies führte dazu, dass das Team der US-Olympia-Mannschaft, die in England antrat, eine Alternative wurde,,en,Er fährt derzeit Melges,,en,und J70 One-Design-Kielboote und hat Erfahrung auf größeren Rennyachten - spezialisiert auf Trimmen und Geschwindigkeit sowie Taktik und Strategie,,en. Rod’s latest venture is joining the VX One Design distribution network, racing and promoting this 19’ rocket ship. Rod currently lives in Dallas, TX, where he is active with local dinghy fleets and PHRF.

PAUL ABDULLAH -Thistle ist eine lange Zeit und J / 24 Segler aus dem Gebiet North Florida und hat in nationalen Wettbewerben für die meisten seines erwachsenen Lebens konkurrierte. Paul hat gewonnen Klasse Meisterschaften in der J / 70, J / 24, Distel, und Flyer, Klassen Highlander und Interlake. Er ist Mitglied des North Sails One Design-Teams, ist einer von 10 Trainer, die in der jährlichen Offshore Segelschule / North U Performance-Race Week teilgenommen haben, and volunteers his time running the US Sailing Championship of Champions event.

Who Should Participate in this Exciting Go-For-The-Gold Race Clinic

This special Go-For-The-Gold Sailboat Race Clinic is for those who already race sailboats and want to get that winning advantage over the competition back home; and for knowledgeable, experienced sailors who want to get into racing. Crews will be assigned as closely as possible according to individual sailing backgrounds.

Competitive Spirit and Physical Fitness Is a Must

The Colgate 26s are fast, responsive and fun to sail, with lots of adjustments you can transfer to your boats back home. You are on the water morning and afternoon, with non-stop boat and sail handling drills, lots of practice starts and lots of short races.

Virtually Everything is Included in Your Four-Day Race Clinic Package

All your meals except two dinners, and your travel, are all you need to add. Here is what is included in the rates listed at the end of this page:

  • Five nights accommodations in a White Sands Villa at the Pink Shell Beach Resort, including daily resort fee and taxes
  • 18 hours of coached racing instruction and practice races
  • 7 in-depth shore seminars
  • 6 hours of regatta racing
  • Guest Expert Olympic Silver Medalist conducting shore seminars and rotating between boats to sail with each crew
  • Three other expert coaches who will also rotate from boat to boat
  • Maximum four participants per boat
  • Complimentary Meet and Greet Orientation Party with hors d’oeuvres and island punch
  • Two full breakfast complimentary coupons per room
  • Complimentary coffee and tea each morning in the seminar room
  • Your choice of an assortment of box lunches ready for you at lunchtime seminars
  • Bottled water distributed before each sailing session
  • BBQ on beach Tuesday
  • Awards dinner Thursday
  • Commemorative UV protective long-sleeve shirt
  • Commemorative cap
  • Trophies for all regatta participation
  • Complimentary photos taken during the program
  • Colgate’s Performance Sailing und Racing Buch
  • Course certificate and Offshore Logbook

Package Rates for Race Clinic Participants Include Everything Above

Alle Unterkünfte sind in einem Schlafzimmer und zwei Schlafzimmer Villen im White Sands Gebäuden des Resorts exotischen Octopool Pool und Meilen von Sandstränden mit Blick auf,,en,Ein-Zimmer-Villen bieten Platz für maximal vier Personen,,en,mit einem Kingsize-Bett im Schlafzimmer und ein Doppel-Size-Schlafsofa im Wohnbereich,,en,Villen mit zwei Schlafzimmern bieten Platz für maximal,,en,Personen,,en,mit einem Kingsize-Bett im Schlafzimmer,,en,zwei Doppelbetten im zweiten Schlafzimmer und ein Doppel-Size-Schlafsofa im Wohnbereich,,en,Alle Villen verfügen über eine voll ausgestattete Küche,,en,geräumiger Wohn- und Essbereich,,en,Fernseher,,en,DVD Spieler,,en,WiFi und abgeschirmt und eingerichtet private Veranda,,en,Alle Preise sind unten für die volle Renn Klinik Segelpaket,,en,Ein-Zimmer-Villa für eine einzelne Fahrt allein -,,en,Zwei Personen in einer Villa mit einem Schlafzimmer -,,en, in the same building where our seminars and dinner are held. All villas have a fully equipped kitchen, Waschmaschine / Trockner, spacious living and dining area, TV, DVD player, WiFi and screened and furnished private lanai.

Bring a Loved One or Friend to Share the Fun

This is a wonderful place to kick back and relax, while enjoying Florida sunshine and warm weather! Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marine has a full-service spa for ultimate relaxation, and each room comes with coupons for two free buffet breakfasts each day. We encourage you to bring a loved one or friend to share your getaway. If you are bringing someone who is not in the program, please use the single rate below for the one-or two-bedroom villa and add $200 to your total package for the two dinners if they are going to join you at these fun events. If your party includes more than one non-sailor, Bitte Anrufen 888-454-7015 for rates.

Rates for Sailors Participating in the 2018 Go-For-The-Gold Race Clinic at Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina auf Ft. Myers Beach, FL

One-Bedroom Villa Accommodations Packages
A one bedroom villa accommodates a maximum of four persons, with one king bed in the master bedroom and a double size sleeper sofa in the living area. The package rates below include everything listed above and are for two, three or four sailors sharing a one-bedroom villa, or for a single traveling alone.

  • Two sailors: $4,320 pro Person
  • Three sailors: $4,085 pro Person
  • Four sailors: $3,970 pro Person
  • Single sailor: $5,030

Two-Bedroom Villa Accommodations Packages
Two-bedroom villas accommodate a maximum of 8 persons, with one king bed in the master bedroom, two double beds in the second bedroom and a double size sleeper sofa in the living area. The package rates below are for two, three or four sailors sharing a two-bedroom villa, or for a single traveling alone and choosing a two-bedroom villa.

  • Two sailors: $4,690 pro Person
  • Three sailors: $4,330 pro Person
  • Four sailors: $4,150 pro Person
  • Single sailor: $5,765

Loyalty Discount for Offshore Sailing School Grads!

If you are an Offshore Sailing School graduate who has participated in a previous Performance Race Week, Racing Clinic or gained US Sailing certifications through Offshore, Sie hat Anspruch auf a 10% Loyalty Discount if you buy the boat and bring a full crew, oder Speichern 5% if you are solo on all the above rates.

Photos on this page were taken during the 2017 Race Clinic. Crews are put together based on resumes. Please be very frank about your experience and goals and be sure to give us your shirt size when you sign up and complete your sailing resume. Kommen Sie bereit zu lernen und haben eine großartige Zeit,,en,Zwei halbtägige Regatten mit Preisen bei Awards Dinner ausgezeichnet,,en,Drei Morgen Seminare mit Kaffee zur Verfügung gestellt,,en,Drei Mittag Seminare mit Box Mittagessen zur Verfügung gestellt,,en,,,en,BVI Zimmer Steuern und Resortgebühr inbegriffen,,en,Erste Nacht Party mit schweren hors d'oeuvres und kostenloser Insel punch,,en,Auszeichnungen Abendessen letzte mit Trophäen für den 1.,,en,Teams rd und 4. Platz,,en,für Nicht-Segler im Zimmer,,en,Teilnahme an Abendveranstaltungen,,en,Zwei-Zimmer mit Meerblick-Zimmer-Suiten,,en,vier und sechs Schlafzimmer-Villen mit privaten Pools sind ebenfalls erhältlich,,en,Wenn Sie Marriott Rewards haben, sind sie ihnen während dieser Zeit akzeptiert,,en,wir können das Programm auch Rate ohne Unterkünfte für Sie zitieren,,en!

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