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Juni 24, 2015
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Using the Wind: Other Options for Depowering You might be out there alone or with inexperienced crew. Or you might be sailing a boat that doesn’t have sails you can reef. In this case you can ease your mainsail to avoid excessive heeling, or you can take down your main and sail under jib alone.

Juni 2, 2015
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Exercises for Sailing One of the wonderful things about sailing is how forgiving it is. You can participate at any exertion level: casual cruiser or hot racer. But during a course, you will do more drills and maneuvers in a short period of time than you would during a normal sailing outing.

Mai 22, 2015
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How To Overcome Seasickness Whether it’s you or someone you know, mit Seekrankheit zu tun kann eine lähmende Problem an Bord. Hier sind einige Tipps, wie Seekrankheit während Ihrer Zeit auf dem Wasser zu verhindern,, for example during one of our US sailing courses.