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I could hardly put to words what I felt when I filled out the survey. Now days later I still can’t. I was nervous and excited, it was a flood of information, die 26 is intimidating to someone that just found out about sailing. There was a time when I just had to sayHold on guys! Your telling me, one person can operate all this at one time?” As I looked at them with doubt Randon smiled and said sure. In seconds he tacked and adjusted the sails in a fluid motion. The way these guys treated me and communicate in multiple ways made this process work. This class brought everything into perspective. I will be back. I felt like part of a sailing family. Randon & Clint were my long lost brothers! I walked away with a new perspective on life!

James Higdon – College Station, TX

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2018


It was so helpful reading the book and going through the online course before coming to Ft. Myers. The quizzes online and in the book were very helpful. I loved the visual aids in the classroom too! The magnetic boats on the board and the model of the Colgate 26 were huge in helping me visualize the content. Course slides were great. Just the right amount of classroom time, zu. All in all, A+!

Joelle knew her material inside and out and was very good at explaining the classroom content clearly and concisely. She was also magnificently calm while I was quietly freaking out onboard our afternoon sails. We went over Crew Overboard and heave-to drills multiple times – so, so helpful to one who has come to sailing in 2nd half of life!

Cilla Bercovici – Greenwich, CT

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2018


Fantastische Erfahrung. I have some sailing experience but I learned soooo much. Joelle is the best instructor I have ever encountered. She taught our family of 8 with different learning styles and different abilities and experiences. We had a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Catherine Barr – Katy, TX

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2018



Haley wrote: Loved the experience. Unser Lehrer war fantastisch. He is patient, kenntnisreich, and adjusts his teaching style to customize and fit the needs of students. The location is beautiful. Will take our next course with Offshore Sailing.

Mahala wrote: Es war eine tolle Erfahrung,. I’m very shocked by how much I learned in such a short amount of time! I would definitely come back and I look forward to continue sailing! My instructor was great. He always made sure we understood concepts and important facts. Also he made sure we felt safe in any situation. I really think this is a great school. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Haley and Mahala Esser – Ashburn, VA

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2017


Phil wrote: The course was the quintessential introductory sailing course. The boat was sound, nimble and forgiving. The material was comprehensive yet simple. The accommodations were luxurious. Most importantly, the instructor was top-notch and first rate. Er sorgte sich,,en,kenntnisreich und am wichtigsten,,en,Es war offensichtlich, dass Segeln sein Leben war und dass er es wollte,,en,vermitteln diese Erfahrung,,en,- Phil Koch,,en,Bist du ein Power Boater, der über das Segeln nachdenkt?,,en,Warum segeln Sie nicht einmal?,,en,Es macht Spaß,,en,Und es gibt auch echte Vorteile,,en,Sie lernen die Auswirkungen von Wind auf Ihr Boot,,en,Sie lernen die Auswirkungen von Strom,,en,Du lernst, wie man unter Strom anlegt,,en,Sie lernen Sichtliniennavigation und Kompass- und Kartenarbeit,,en,Du lernst Vorfahrtsregeln für Segel und Kraft, weil du legal ein Motorboot bist, wenn du unter Strom bist,,en,Sie lernen, Wettervorhersagen zu finden und Fronten zu antizipieren,,en,Du lernst nützliche Knoten,,en,endlich,,en,Du lernst Seemannschaft - eine notwendige Fähigkeit für alle Segler, ob Power oder Segeln,,en,Instructor Hunter Botto mit Bruce Richards von Cos Cob,,en, erfahren, knowledgeable and fun. It was obvious that sailing was his life and that he wanted to impart that experience.

Helen wrote: To celebrate our 25th anniversary we decided to take this course. I’m very proud of this milestone. Something appropriately significant is a tall order. Lernen zu segeln, opening a new chapter – a new adventure – in our lives seemed it might be exceptional enough. It was. We ‘re extremely excited, renewed, and can’t wait to sail more. We loved learning to sail and virtually every single thing about our overall experience was fantastic. I recently took a motorcycle course and test. The instructor had world class racing experience, but her teaching skills were average. Steve Huff is an example of how world class experience and knowledge is so much more valuable when an instructor also has extremely high quality teaching skills, interpersonal skills and obviously love teaching. He was very positive, kind and fun. You are lucky to have him. Excellent employees makes or breaks excellent companies.

Phil and Helen Wilding Cook – Ingersoll, Ontario

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2017


I spent a weekend in St. Petersburg on the Basic Keelboat Course with Instructor Mike and he was, Hände nach unten, erstaunlich. Not only did he exceed all expectations, he went so far beyond anything I could have hoped for. The classroom instruction prepared me for the written exam and Mike was great at honing in on difficult concepts with practical explanation while at sea. We had some great winds and decent-sized swells this weekend and I never once felt uneasy. Where most instructors would want to take over the helm, Mike continually assessed the ocean and kept me in control of the boat the entire time! He understood that the best way for me to gain real-world experience is to handle the boat in the difficult conditions. Thank you so much!!! Danke Shon, zu, to the awesome, caring, and amazing Sales Associate I worked with. I’ll see you in the BVI in January for the Live-Aboard Course as well!!!

Chris Turner – Pueblo, CO

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - St. Petersburg, FL - 2017


Abby wrote: This 5-day course far exceeded my expectations! It was extremely effective with a perfect pace and great instructor! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to take this course.

Randy wrote: Absolutely a great time. Learned so much. Father-daughter trip that I will cherish forever. Boat was very good. South Seas is wonderful. Instructor is wonderful A+++; best instructor I have ever had. Knowledgeable, patient and very helpful in all aspects.

Abby and Randy Bonhaus – Cincinnati, OH

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2017


James wrote: Unser Lehrer, Suzie, was wonderfulprofessional and fun. Attentive but relaxed. The boat was fun and easy to learn on. And the resort service was very friendly.

Kelly wrote: My fear is gone!! Suzie’s own personal experience and stories and her ability to share them made learning exciting and fun. Her patience and constant examples made things easier to soak in and retain. Hands on experience 1st in the classroom makes it way less of overwhelming experience.

James and Kelly Weber – Brookhaven, GA

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2017


Robert wrote: I had an excellent experience. Mike was very patient and knowledgeable in presenting the material and answering our questions. He provided a sound foundation for us to build our sailing expertise. The sailing was truly a time when the classroom came to life and the material and content made sense. Mike was very patient and his knowledge and experience brought sailing alive. He was thoughtful in his lessons and encouraging us to provide feedback on his answers.

Kathleen wrote: Not all experts in their fields can teach their knowledge to others. Mike can. He is able to translate complex concepts into step-wise learning using simple language and analogues so that it is not overwhelming. Mike is patient, he waits for the learner to figure it out unless . . . in the sailing portion he needs to step in quickly to correct a student’s action. Even then he is calm, courteous and uses it as a learning opportunity. I felt safe.

Robert Morton and Kathleen Ledoux – London, Ontario

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2017


I am a physician from Canada. This course was outstanding. Extremely easy to sign up, cordial on the phone, all questions answered, fabulous instructor, lovely boat, plenty of sail time, excellent free time. We feel absolutely ready to sail our 31 footer we just bought. Joelle (shown here with Dr. Martin) is an exceptional teacher. She delivers material succinctly at the correct level, waits patiently for us to think through a problem and reacts promptly when action is required. We feel very grateful to her.

Dr. Debbie Martin – Oro-Medonte, Ontario

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - St. Petersburg, FL - 2017

And her partner, Steve Crisp, wrote: Before this year I have never sailed or wished to in my life (53). I had sailed 4 times previous and was not sure if sailing was for me. Having taken this course I am now confident and excited to get home and start sailing. Joelle was an exceptional instructor with patience when needed and the firmness to make maneuvers sink in when needed.


We just recently purchased a sailboat and I needed to refresh and quickly improve my meager sailing skills. “Learning as I go” was not a practical option on a 35’ sailboat with a couple of kids on board in New York Harbor. When I researched schools on the internet, I was impressed with all the positive feedback and large selection of learning opportunities that Offshore Sailing offered. It was REALLY important to me that the wife and kids were going to have a good time and become proficient at sailing since they are going to be my main crew! Part of the reason I chose Scrub Island was the lack of distractions and its renowned sailing environment. The resort was beautiful. The accommodations were excellent. I was a little concerned with a 10 and 12-year-old keeping up and being eager participants for five consecutive days. Jedoch, our instructor kept them both fully engaged and had tremendous patience on and off the water with each of them. He really made it a great learning experience and memorable week for all of us. Even my wife (a landlubber from West Virginia) said, “I would never have thought of doing this but I really enjoyed it and glad we came!” Hallelujah!

Paul Manfuso – Fort Salonga, NY

Learn to Sail Course – Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands – 2016


The 5-day Basic Sailing course was a total immersion experience – classroom, on the water, Quiz, and evening prep for next day. Exactly what I wanted. I know enough after this week to decide if a sailboat is in my future. Randon was excellent. Knowledgeable, Patient (mit 2 older women as students), organized/efficient, and calm on the water. We were out in heavy winds and he kept it all under control. And Diane Beecher, who took the course with her, wrote: I am a novice sailor and the 5-day Offshore Sailing School certification course offered me a fine balance of theory and practice. What a thrill to sail for five days, on the Gulf of Mexico and Pine Island Sound in beautiful Captiva! I valued Randon’s professional, freundlich, ermutigend, approach to sailing instruction. He style was just what I needed in a teacher.

Teri Moschetta – Glen Cove, NY - tmoschetta@icloud.comL

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2016


Beth Kaufman wrote: The experience exceeded my overall expectations!! I learned so much in a short time. The instructor was knowledgeable, personable, kind and patient. Totally enjoyed the course! And Shaina Miller added: As a new sailor – this course and our instructor were perfect. Suzy was everything we were hoping for – an expert, Art, easy going, and a joy to be with.

Beth Kaufman and Shaina Miller – Delray Beach, FL

Lean to Sail Course – Captiva Island, FL - 2016



What a fabulous experience into the sailing community. A top notch sailing school that combines the academic side of sailing with the practical experience of a professional team. It was everything I hoped for and more!! Mike Dewane is a great asset to Offshore Sailing. Colgate is lucky to have him as an instructor. His experience, insight, enthusiasm to teach sailing is palpable. He loves what he does and clearly is passionate about the sport of sailing. Moreover, he goes above and beyond to ensure his students walk with a positive experience. Thank you Mike!!!. And Paul wrote: I am a college professor with many years of teaching experience and have had a number of formal courses in education. Mike excels as a teacher and easily is as effective as most college professors. He is patient, creative in creating educational analogies and appears to love what he does and the profession of sailing. He is unusually knowledgeable and very professional.

Mandy and Paul Miller – Verona, WI – mandy.miller.dvm@gmail.com

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2016


Exceeded my expectations! I am a novice sailor and prior to this course sailed in Boston Harbor on a Rhodes 19. The ease of handling a Colgate 26 was amazing. Highly responsive and well balanced – beautiful boat! The course was conceptual and greatly boosted sailing confidence – Thank you! Randon was very attentive to the individual needs. He was great at answering questions and building on skills day by day. Classroom learning clearly translated to on water learning.

Susan Thomas – Charlestown, MA – dragonfly444@comcast.net

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2106



At first I was apprehensive about learning on the boat in front of the instructor and students. Jedoch, that quickly went away and I had an amazing experience. I cannot wait to use the knowledge and skills I learned in our own boat. I also cannot wait to sign up for the bareboat cruising course so we can charter our own boat in the Caribbean. Our instructor was full of expert knowledge, very patient and made me feel at ease with every new experience. He also answered all our questions even when we asked more than once, related the learning to real-life examples, and helped us understand how to apply the knowledge to our own boat. Her partner, Bruce Diggett, commented: Having owned my own sailboat for a year and a half it was amazing how much I learned in such a short period. It will certainly improve my skills and confidence when I return home.

Lisa Kelly – Overland Park, KS – Lkayhawk72@yahoo.com

Learn to Sail Course with Bruce Diggett (bdiggett@legacytechnologies.com) - Captiva Island, FL - 2016


Very pleased with our OSS experience and already recommending to others. We do plan to move on to the next stage with OSS and take the cruising course while living aboard a monohull. That may be a couple of years out yet, but we will be doing it. Thank you for being flexible with our wedding day, zu, and for allowing photos in the Colgate 26 to mark our event. Very special. Danke! Brian was a very patient and CALM individual and that clearly was a necessity with my rather high strung and excitable fellow student – my now husband, Jay!! Brian made sure that we both learned everything we needed to and that each of us had ample opportunity to master the things we needed to. High mark for Brian and we appreciated his time and effort.

Pam Hillier – Marquette, MI – pamh@vastsolution.com

Learn to Sail Course – Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands –2016


As a lifelong boater and casual sailor, I was concerned the 5-day LTS course might be too basic. Wrong! We learned nuances of sailing that opened up an entire new world of enjoyment! And my daughter (that’s her in the photo) went from complete newbie to top sailing student – that was fun to watch! Joelle is a fantastic instructor, Patient, kenntnisreich, thorough and completely capable. By week’s end, my daughter and I felt completely ready to sail! P. S. Colgate 26 = Amazing boat.

John Christensen – Wheaton, IL

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2016


We are newly married – I had taken this course before. She wanted to know more about sailing and me teaching her did not seem like a great idea. We agreed to take this class together. We both gained knowledge but learning to sail as a team was the best result!!! Don was exactly what we needed from an instructor. He understood our goals and helped us achieve them!! Here’s what Kahy had to say: I learned everything I came to learn and so much more. I feel so much more confident in handling the boat and FINALLY understand the sailing terminology my husband uses. This is bound to make our future sailing trips together much more harmonious! Don is extremely knowledgeable not only about all aspects of sailing but also about the Colgate 26 (which was good for us since we own one!). We learned so much and appreciate his advice, patience and guidance. He was fabulous.

Jerry Adkins – Thorntown, IN

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2016


I was ambivalent about the idea of a sailing course, but agreed to it as a recreational way to spend time with my husband, brother and sister-in-law. It was more fun than I could have imagined. I now anticipate joining them for sailing and perhaps more courses in the future. Our instructor was the consummate professional, natürlich, skilled and knowledgeable, but also kind, Patient, and encouraging. He is gifted in that he can explain difficult concepts to those who have no sailing experience without making him/her feel like an idiot. Well pleased with our experience.

Gail Sweet – Chula Vista, SOWIE

Learn to Sail Course – Fort Myers Beach, FL - 2016


Everything about our overall experience was excellent . . . Segel Berater, reservations, accommodations, Klassenzimmer, Colgate 26. Instructor was perfect. Sehr kenntnisreich, Patient, erfahren, Profi, courteous and professional. I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a great time and learned a boat load . . . pun intended. Danke.

Mark Gabel – Cottage Grove, NM

Learn to Sail Course – Fort Myers Beach, FL - 2016



We undertook the 5-day course as a Family Adventure vacation. We had various levels of sailing skill and comfort, but the course provided an exceptional learning experience for each of us, and increased the comfort and skills of all of us. Rick was an exceptional instructor both on the boat and in the class. He provided us with fabulous group and individual instruction. This was perfect for each of us.

Todd Black (with Laura, Miles and Hannah) – New Providence, NJ

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL –2016


We just completed the Learn to Sail course. This was one fantastic adventure. My husband is very content with playing golf each weekend/day. I surprised him with our sailing course. He had so much fun and it shook him out of his routine! Unser Lehrer, Steve, is such an accomplished sailor and knew how to impart his knowledge to us novices! We will be back again, and will recommend to our friends. Thank you for such a greatbonding” Erfahrung.

Cathey Ward – Lake Wales, FL

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2016


We had a great time! The first day was a little rough because of winds but it was great to get our feet wet. By the third day we were all very comfortable performing any of the tacks. Sailing will definitely e a lifelong thing for Luke and me. Jack was very laid back and let us figure out what worked for us! He is extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend this course and Jack to my friends.

Sarah Lane – Chicago, IL

Learn to Sail Course – Fort Myers Beach, FL - 2016


I have been landlocked my whole life. Our instructor was working with someone with no knowledge or experience. Everything he taught me will be so valuable as I start to sail! He took so much time on the water and in the classroom with me. I went from not liking sailing to really loving it. My only other experience was a few weeks before the class and it was not a good one for me. Now I love it!

Angela Rule – St. Louis, MO

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2016



The course met and exceeded my expectations. As a novice sailor who had sailed a few times, my goal was to gain knowledge and experience to allow me to sail my 24sloop with confidence this coming season. I now have this confidence and can’t wait to get back on the water. Our instructor had vast experience as a sailor. He was able to share his knowledge in an easy going and patient way.

Gary Benson – Grimsby, Ontario – gbenson@sympatico.ca

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2015



The course was amazing in providingf a unique learning experience for myself and my wife to share a new hobby. We plan on buying a boat in a year or so. Brian was awesome and definitely patient. We learned a lot and feel confident on the water. Thanks for his position instruction and leadership. Lauren had an excellent time! She learned so much and feels like she’s well on her way to being a confident sailor, zu.

Ted Maturo – New Haven, CT

Learn to Sail Course – Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands – 2015


This started as a gift for my husband who wanted to learn to sail. But after joining the class I was just as excited and addicted as him. Vielen Dank für eine wundervolle Erfahrung. Offshore Sailing School made learning to sail fun and rewarding. We left the school with a new confident feeling and a strong desire to continue to sail.

Wendy Warnock – Chester, NY

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2015



6.12_Dugan_Pat_with_AudreyClarke_2014Das war eine tolle Woche, jeden Cent wert! Joelle war erstaunlich,. Konnte nicht so viel gelernt haben, wie ich ohne sie getan. Sie war sehr kompetent und PATIENT. Sehr zu empfehlen sie für jeden, der lernen will,.

Patrick Dugan - Madeira, OH -


Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2014

6.12_Marsello_Greg_2014Rick hat eine hervorragende Arbeit Lehre & Ausbildung. Meist Ich schätzte seine Geduld und aufrichtiges Interesse an unseren Erfolg. Es war eine Herausforderung, aber sehr viel Spaß. Ich habe gelernt, wie ich hoffte, zu lernen und mein Vertrauen wird mir erlauben, zu üben und besser. Nun, die Zeit und Geld.

Greg Marsello - Tiverton, RI

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Captiva Island, FL - 2014

6.12_Strauven_Catherine_and_Christop_2014Ich war ein wenig besorgt über den Kurs, da ich keine vorherige Segelerfahrung hatte, aber unser Lehrer (Amanda) sofort meinem Kopf gesetzt zu beruhigen. Sie war unglaublich geduldig und kenntnis, und machten uns auf Klassenzimmer und auf dem Wasser Spaß-Sitzungen! Ihre Begeisterung und Liebe zum Segeln war ansteckend, und ich genoss jede Minute meiner Erfahrung. Jetzt, wo ich abgeschlossen haben die lernen natürlich Segeln, Ich kann es kaum erwarten, in einer Reiseflugkurs teilnehmen!

Catherine Strauven - Atlanta, GA

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Britische Jungferninseln - 2014

6.12_Bratt_Blake_and_BobEasterly_2014Große Erfahrung! Bob Easterly ist ein großartiger Lehrer mit erstaunliche Erfahrung, gute Ortskenntnis und ein Kapitän zur See zu booten! Ich würde mit ihm zu jeder Zeit zu segeln! Alles war auf oder über den Erwartungen, und weist eine ausgezeichnete Operationen, von Boote und Ausrüstung Unterhalt, , wie im Klassenzimmer übersetzt, auf dem Wasser Anweisung. Dieser Kurs arbeitet und 100% verbunden. Das ist wirklich eine erstklassige, Kunden / Schüler-orientierte Business-.

Blake Bratt - Bellevue, WA

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Ft. Myers Beach, FL - 2014

6.12_Holmes_Adam_onhelm_2014Shane war erstaunlich - Energetische, Patient, sehr kompetent und in der Lage, alles sehr klar zu artikulieren. Excellent time. Ich verstehe jetzt, das Kielboot sehr gut (da die von ein paar Jahren Jollen) - Kann es jedem empfehlen!

Adam Holmes (Lenkung) - New York, NY -


Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Pier 25, Tribeca, NYC - 2014

6.12_Flinchbaugh_Steve_2014Instructors Bart und Shane - sehr gute Kenntnisse, Lage, es an andere weitergeben, Patienten und furchtlos! Dauerte drei Tage, um das Grinsen aus dem Gesicht zu wischen.

Steve Flinchbaugh - Red Bank, NJ -


Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Freiheit Landing Marina, Jersey City, NJ - 2014

6.12_Falls_Tom_and_son_2014Bart war ein absoluter Profi Segellehrer. Er war ruhig und geduldig auf dem Wasser und im Klassenzimmer. Dies waren wesentliche Qualitäten für uns, als Gruppe, als wir von mir und einem Freund und umfasste unser 10 Jahre alten Söhne. Dank Bart, wir alle haben den Test bestanden und amüsierten uns viel! Ich war besorgt, bei der Buchung der Kurs, weil ich dachte, 3 volle Tage der Segelanweisung (oder eine Weisung) wäre eine Herausforderung für meine 10 jahre alt. Die Realität war, dass wir hatten eine tolle Zeit und freuen uns auf Segel zusammen in diesem Sommer!

Thomas Falls - New York, NY

Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Pier 25, Tribeca, NYC - 2014

6.12_Gackstatter_Karen_SteveColgate_husband_Kat_2014Kat war wunderbar. Sie war sehr kompetent und geduldig mit unseren vielen Fragen und gelegentliche "Block" zum Verständnis ein Konzept. Kat würde sich die Zeit nehmen, um das Boot-Modell oder Whiteboard zu verwenden, zu erklären,. Auf dem Wasser wir fühlten uns wohl und sicher. Wir sind bestrebt, auf dem Wasser wieder zu bekommen. Von Mann Karens, Chris Gackstatter: Unsere Erfahrung war einzigartig in der Tatsache, dass wir das gemacht haben die Fox News Segment mit Steve Colgate. Kat nicht höher schlagen, und wir fühlten uns nie, dass unser Unterricht beeinträchtigt wurde. Lernen mit Kat war mehr wie Segeln mit einem Freund, als ein Kunde. Wir haben gerne tun, die 5-Tage-Kurs Lernen Sie von NYC Sail. Wir glauben, wir können in jedem Hafen der Welt zu segeln; und nach dem Segeln Klassen gab es NYC, uns zu unterhalten. Der Außendienst hat eine ausgezeichnete Arbeit bei der Herstellung der Kurs geschehen an dem Ort Manhattan.

Karen Gackstatter - Avon, CT -


Lernen Sie Kurs Segeln - Pier 25, Tribeca, NYC - 2014

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