Corporate Teambuilding Activities at Offshore Sailing

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Corporate Team Building and Leadership Programs with Offshore Sailing School

Rewarding, Productive and Fun!

Steve and Doris Colgate’s Offshore Sailing School offers unique team-building and leadership training at eight locations in the United States and British Virgin Islands. Called Corporate Sail-Race Challenges®, these highly productive and fun programs provide real-time exercises to solidify communication between company executives, interdepartment co-workers and management through sailing.

Steve Colgate and his faculty developed corpoate team building and  university leadership programs, knowing from vast experience that sailing is the perfect platform to encourage good leadership and create teams out of divergent personalities.

Get Away from the Office in NY Harbor

In 2013 a group of Luxottica executives (shown at right) took to the Hudson River out of Offshore Sailing School's Pier 25 campus in Tribeca. They participated in a half-day team building porgram aboard three of Offshore's Colgate 26 sailboats. "I heard nothing but rave reviews about it. The execs had such a wonderful time. Thank you so much for everything you did to make this an unforgettable event for the group," wrote Luxottica's Executive Sales Assistant, Lauren Suppa. Luxottica is a leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and sales of premium, luxury and sports eyewear.

Spend Quality Time Together on the Gulf

Recently 22 members of the Pink Shell Resort and Marina team took to the waters off Fort Myers Beach, Florida in a highly productive Sail-Race Challenge. According to Ellis Etter, the resort's Director of Sales and Marketing, after a half-day on the water, most were not ready to quit.

"We all had a GREAT time, most of us weren't ready to quit. The instructors were patient, in some cases "very" patient and very informative. The boats were great, top notch equipment. It's obvious to us all why you're the #1 sailing school. It was an experience we will all be talking about for years to come. Thank you for a perfect afternoon. The sailing was good for us all."
Ellis Etter - Director of Sales and Marketing
Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina - Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Corporate Teambuilding

Sailing is a team-building experience that utilizes the divergent personalities of each individual to accomplish a common goal. Through this corporate team-building program, good leadership qualities are identified and encouraged.

"In our industry, we need people who are bright and talented, with the ability to work well as a team. Your program helps us identify those who exhibit hard work and leadership qualities. We will definitely return next year.”
Liz Naylor – former Campus Recruiter, UBS Investment Bank

Corporate Leadership Programs

Offshore Sailing School can tailor exciting week-long leadership programs for groups from the same corporation, or from corporations or leaders gathering their cleints to brainstorm, share ideas and be challenged. In July 2013, the Minneapolis, MN based Prouty Project brought 24 of their clients to the British Virgin Islands to participate in their annual STRETCH program, this time sailing on four identical 50' sailboats with Offshore Sailing School coaches. "It was a fantastic experience, and I'm thinking about bringing 'Team Prouty' for a strategic planning session on catamarans," wrote Jeff Prouty, Chairman and Founder.

A consulting company that provides strategic planning, organization development and board and team development, The Prouty Project uses this Oliver Wendell Holmes quote as its mantra: "A mind stretched by Peter Bailey - The Prouty Group in the British Virgin Islandsa new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." Each year clients are invited to participate in a STRETCH adventure that will stretch one's mind. 

"We have just completed a one-week corporate regatta with Offshore Sailing School," wrote The Prouty Project's Senior Vice president, Peter Bailey. "On behalf of our 24 participants I want to thank you for an outstanding experience! Your unique combination of nautical professionalism, sailing leadership education and challenging team-building initiatives made our 'STRETCH Expedition' a huge success and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our participants."

University Leadership Programs

Offshore Sailing School’s tenets that focus around creating strong leaders and teams through sailing, have been used and expanded upon by universities such as Wharton which for four years included sailing with Offshore in their MBA program. 

During the past five years, Emory Goizueta's Advanced Leadership Academy (GALA) has brought teams of graduate students to sail with Offshore coaches in the British Virgin Islands aboard 50' cruising yachts. This week-long team-building and leadership program with Offshore Sailing School is an addendum to their standard business curriculum. March 2014 marked the sixth year for GALA programs with Offshore Sailing School.

In addition, Offshore Sailing School provides indepth leadership programs in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). These action-packed sessions, ranging from half-day to weeklong, provide amazing insight into leadership behavior.  

Supplement to Continuing Education

Many professionals are required to take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. Organizations like the American Medical Association have combined sailing courses at Offshore Sailing School with Continuing Medical Education programs - to supplement medical knowledge doctors need to maintain with quality leadership and team-building skills essential in a medical environment.

No One Can "Fail"

Some team-building programs require strength and agility, leaving some team members in embarrassing situations. Sailing does not. While a ropes course can unintentionally create an atmosphere that fosters cliques by identifying the weaknesses and differing abilities of the individuals, sailing fosters an environment of teamwork where everyone must work together, taking and giving commands with the goal of maximizing the potential of the sailboat. Sailing is a forgiving activity.  

No Experience Necessary

Offshore Sailing School specializes in teaching people how to sail a boat successfully. Whether your group includes people who are avid sailors or is comprised entirely of people who have never set foot on a boat, these group adventures are designed to make participants comfortable on the water under sail and confident in their abilities to hande a sailboat.

"Everyone from H.I.G. Capital extends many thanks for making our summer outing not one to soon be forgotten! We all had a great time and learned so much from our wonderful boat instructors. The regatta was really a lot of fun! Those who missed the event were really bummed out. Thank you again for making this a great corporate adventure for all of us!" –
Teresa Delacruz - H.I.G. Capital

How a Corporate Sail-Race Challenge WorksCorporate Team Building Programs

Each boat is assigned a team of four or five participants with an expert Offshore Sailing School coach. Each team member is encouraged to take a turn at command during the race. Communication and leadership are necessary skills for sailing. The camaraderie developed during a race transfers into the workplace with a team that has developed respect for one another and has learned to give and take commands from their peers.

This sail and race program has attracted hundreds of organizations that realize the importance of applying team-building skills in a fun environment with an achievable activity. This also gives the company an opportunity to evaluate their team and their leaders.

A perfect example of how team members motivate each other occured in a half-day program with Interstate (a resort management company). On one of the four boats, a team member was reticent to take the helm and command of the crew. It took a little encouragement from others aboard to move that person from "no" to "sure" and that boat won the race! That is an example of the goal of corporate team building: to develop a team that will inspire and encourage one another.

Schedules Tailored to Your Desires

Offshore Sailing School's corporate courses and programs can be a half day, full day or multiple days. No matter the length of the course, the same goal of creating a group mindset can be achieved. The coaches at Offshore Sailing School have years of experience transforming individual crew members into an efficient and well-working team with leadership qualities that will easily transfer to the corporate structure. An Offshore Sailing School team building program is for anybody that aspires for more, loves the outdoors, enjoys being on the water and wants to participate in or offer their team a truly unique experience. You’ll sail away with a better understanding of team relationships and new skills.

Give Your Team the Tools to  Succeed! 

Ask Dan Bleich, our Sales Manager, how your group can benefit by participating in a results-driven leadership and/or team-building program.
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