Sail for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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Sail for Cancer Cures

Learn with Offshore Sailing School and help raise funds to cure and treat blood cancers 

Leukemia Cup Regatta National Sponsor

We all have our special charities; and Offshore Sailing School's founders, Steve and Doris Colgate, feel strongly about this one. Since 2009 Offshore Sailing School has been a proud national sponsor of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign, which raises millions of dollars annually to fight blood cancers.

The Offshore Pledge

Since 2004 Offshore Sailing School has been a staunch supporter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each year we send $25,000 of our course tuitions to LLS, and donate 20 courses at a value of more than $25,000 for Leukemia Cup Regatta auctions across the country. 

Offshore to Host 2013 Fantasy Sail Weekend 

Offshore has hosted three Fantasy Sail Weekends where LLS and national spokesperson Gary Jobson thank top Leukemia CupLLS Fantasy Sail Weekend Regatta fund raisers each year. In 2013, Offshore will host its fourth Fantasy Sail Weekend for Leukemia Cup Regattas fund raisers - this time at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, Florida.

Save $100 - and Support LLS Too!

If you sign up for one of the certification courses listed below, you can save $100 and we will set aside $25 of your tuiiton (for a total of $25,000 each year) for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Please use code LLS2013 to get your discount.

Eight LocationsLearn to Sail to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Is learning to sail or sail better on your bucket list?

Sign up NOW and help raise money to cure and treat blood cancers. While you pursue your passion on a rewarding learning getaway, you will also help LLS change the lives and futures of those suffering from these cruel diseases.

Gary JobsonDo you know someone suffering from lymphoma, leukemia or myeloma?

This is Gary Jobson, natioal spokesperson for The Leukemia Cup Regattas. He is a storied America's Cup sailor, ESPN and NBC sailing commentator, world-renowned speaker, author, past president of US Sailing (the governing body of sailing in the U.S.) and now vice president of ISAF (the International Sailing Federation representing governing bodies in sailing worldwide). Gary was diagnosed with lymphoma two years after he accepted the Leukemia Cup Regattas spokesperson position. He is the first to say he is alive today because of treatments developed through extensive research to cure blood cancers.

Call 888-454-7015 to sign up for a certification course today! Use CODE LLS2013 for your discount.



"Every day we are touched by friends and family who have been diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma or know someone who has. We are committed to continue our participation in helping LLS fund research and cures for blood diseases."
Doris Colgate, CEO and President - Offshore Sailing School