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Steve Colgate Shows You a Fast Way to Tie One of the Most Popular Sailing Knots: The Bowline

Here are more great sailing lessons to put to practical use when you are out saling (or power boating) and need to secure something fast. Take a look at this video and keep these helpful hints in mind:

  • Make a slip knot on the standing part of the line
  • Put the bitter end of the line through whatever you are going to tie to
  • Pull on the standing part of the line until it flips over into a bowline

Want to learn more?

Take sailing lessons with Offshore Sailing School. In the Learn to Sail course you learn how to tie and use a bowline knot. In our Bareboat Cruising and Live Aboard Cruising courses you practice new ways to tie this popular knot and use it for all kinds of sailing applications. It's even more fun when you compete with your mates aboard in a knot-tying contest to see who can tie it the fastest! 

Learn to Sail or Learn to Cruise at Offshore Sailing School!

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