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Sailing Tips

Sailing information to help you achieve your sailing goals.

The more you learn about sailing, the more you realize you will never stop learning. That’s the fun and the beauty of this incredible lifestyle and why we offer comprehensive Sailing Tips for sailors. You can start here: Setting the Jib Leads for Optimum Sail Performance or click on any of the helpful tips on the left side of the page.

Sailing Information

“We thought we knew a lot about sailing but were amazed how much we learned!”

Heidi Trisch and Peter Androski, from Providence, RI took the Offshore Sailing School Live Aboard Cruising course in the British Virgin Islands. Many Offshore Sailing School graduates tell us they didn't realize how much the didn't know until they took our sailing course. If you've never sailed before the process is easy because you're starting from scratch. If you already sail a Learn to Sail or Cruising course with Offshore Sailing School will fill the gaps nicely.  

There are many how-to books written full of sailing information – each from the writer’s perspective and often based on personal experience.The Offshore Sailing School library of sailing books – written by Steve and Doris Colgate – has evolved over many years of teaching people to sail, actually more than 46.

You may purchase our books full of sailing tips through this website, on-line and in bookstores. Fast Track to Sailing, published in 2009, is available in e-book format. Each covers the information needed for a solid foundation in basic sailing, cruising sailing at several levels, and performance sailing and racing.

The sailing tips offered in this section come from those books and are meant to give you enough information to want more. You will find these helpful when considering a specific topic, and from time to time as you visit this area, you will find additional chapters and sections from our books added.

Sailing is romantic, thrilling, inspiring, relaxing, rejuvenating and just plain fun. You can do it alone, with a friend or your whole family. But the key is to learn the right way the first time, and enjoy the satisfaction and confidence of a highly productive experience.

Sailing Tips & Sailing Information

“I’ve seen promotional campaigns in sailing magazines praising Offshore Sailing School, and quite a few times, I must admit, I felt that the quote under the picture of the person taking the course was a bit sugar-coated. Now, having taken the Fast Track to Cruising course, I firmly endorse those comments, and feel confident enough to do what many will find inspiring.”
Michael Forlini – Rosemere, Quebec

There is no substitute for getting out on the water – on a safe, comfortable sailboat with enough go-fast features to whet your appetite to learn. In Offshore Sailing School’s Learn to Sail course you will do just that, with your textbook sent in advance to study, and a dedicated expert instructor to guide you through the course when you arrive.

If you’re a competitive sailor, the next step might be Performance Sailing and our sailboat racing courses.

If sandy shores and wispy palm trees are in your thoughts, Live Aboard Cruising or Bareboat Cruising Preparation will set your course for sailboat chartering just about anywhere where there are beautiful islands and anchorages.

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Or call 888-454-7015 to talk to a sailing advisor. 

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