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Bareboat Cruising 

Learn while staying at a seaside resort or from home if you live in the New York Metro area

This shore-based course (you sleep at home or in a hotel while learning aboard during the day) is called Bareboat Cruising Preparation. The course prepares you for confident big boat ownership and chartering and covers the same content as our Live Aboard Cruising Course, but with a lot more docking practice. While taking Bareboat Cruising Preparation you sleep ashore at night rather than on the boat.

Learning to cruise on this schedule is perfect if you want to enjoy other resort activities and have traveling companions along for just the vacation ashore. It also is a great solution for sharing the learning experience with family or friends taking other level courses at the same time. You can enroll them in the Learn to Sail or Performance Sailing course on a similar schedule as yours, with two half-days to share other activities together during the course. Your course includes two full days and three half-days of training on the water. A detailed schedule is available when you enroll. 




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State of the art cruising sailboats to learn on

Your classroom is a beautiful 43 Jeanneau or 44' CatalinaMorgan cruising boat chosen by Offshore Sailing School for performance and comfort. You will learn with no more than three other classmates and your instructor aboard during this course unless you opt for a Private Course for Two or a Private Family Course for up to six. The careful blend of classroom and on-water instruction quickly builds confidence and skills to handle large cruising sailboats. You sail in action-packed daily sessions filled with important drills and knowledge for taking charge of your own boat, cruising with friends or chartering in dream sailing areas all over the world. 

All inclusive packages

At our resort locations in Florida you can take this course in five days year-round. Resort schedules include two-hour classroom sessions and half-day on-water instruction the first four days, with a bonus practice cruise without the instructor aboard the fifth day. You'll enjoy classroom and onwater sessions, designed to give you a learning sailing vacation with time to participate in other activities in the area.

May through October, you may also take this course in New York Harbor out of Liberty Landing Marina, Jersey City, New Jersey.  

Package rates at resort locations for Bareboat Cruising Preparation include:

  • Your Bareboat Cruising Preparation tuition
  • Five or six nights accommodations and applicable tax
  • Fast Track to Cruising textbook
  • Colgate Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Cruising certification
  • Diploma and logbook (or logbook page if you already have one from a previous course)
  • Practice sail without the instructor aboard at end of course
  • Graduation celebration
  • Exclusive benefit from The Sailing Company - your choice of a year's subscription to Cruising World or Sailing World magazine

The very best textbooks you'll find!

Offshore Sailing School is known for its informative, comprehensive textbooks, written by the foremost sailing education experts. Your primary textbook is Steve and Doris Colgate's Fast Track to Cruising, published in 2005 by International Marine/McGraw-Hill. This 246-page compendium is an Offshore Sailing School exclusive – the only up-to-date guide there is that teaches sailing and cruising in a step-by-step, easy to read and entertaining format. Our Bareboat Cruising Preparation graduates love this book – not only because it starts out with a super refresher, but also because it transitions you smoothly from small sailboats to 43'-50' cruising yachts and instant bareboat chartering. 


This course gives you Colgate Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Cruising Certification. You may opt for US SAILING certification for a small extra fee. In this case you will receive US SAILING Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising certification (Basic Keelboat certification is a pre-requisite), and the US SAILING textbooks Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising in addition to Fast Track to Cruising. 

Are you ready for this course? If you have Colgate Day Sailing or US SAILING Basic Keelboat certification, you definitely are  If you don't have these pre-requisites but feel confident about your abilities to crew and skipper on small to mid-sized sailboats, you may “challenge” the pre-requisite certification test and go straight to this course. Otherwise, you should consider the Learn to Sail or Fast Track to Cruising course for the right start to your cruising lifestyle.

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