Celestial Navigation Courses at Offshore Sailing

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Celestial Navigation Lessons & Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen

In 2015, this five-day shore-based Celestial Navigation Course is available November 12-16. This comprehensive course is for sailors taking the Offshore Passage Making course and for coastal sailors who want to learn about Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen. During this Celestial Navigation course, you’ll stay ashore at the South Seas Island Resort  on Captiva Island, Florida and attend class for a minimum of five hours each day.

During our Celestial Navigation Lessons,  in addition to learning the extensive theory that supports this ageless navigation tradition, drills each day include the use of HO 249 and Nautical Almanac tables to reduce sights to lines of position on a chart. Various scenarios are presented in exercises to make the process of calculating positions easieCelestial Navigation Lessons with Offshore Sailing Schoolr each day. 

Steve Colgate, founder of Offshore Sailing School, is practicing taking a sight on land. Of course, when you're out on a boat underway, it gets a bit harder than this. And that's the beauty of taking Celestial Navigation Lessons and heading out on Offshore Passage Making aboard one of our Jeanneau 439 monohulls for six days of hands-on navigation.

All of this is in preparation for using a sextant aboard to calculate a sailboat’s position based on the sun, planets and stars. All materials needed for our Celestial Navigation Courses are provided. At course end you will be tested for US Sailing Celestial Navigation certification.

The pre-requisite for Celestial Navigation is US Sailing Coastal Navigation certification.

Generally the schedule for this course is Wednesday through Saturday, with arrival Tuesday evening and departure Sunday morning. If you are going on to the Offshore Passage Making Course, you will board the Jeanneau 439 Sunday night or Monday morning.   

Celestial Navigation Course packages include:

  • The comprehensive five-day Celestial Navigation course ashore
  • Five nights accommodations ashore, double occupancy, with applicable tax (ask for private rates)
  • Celestial Navigation Course materials
  • Diploma and certification

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