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Sailing Cruises & Adventures

For Offshore Sailing School Alumni

Offshore Sailing School graduate benefits include sailing trips, sailing clubs and more. There are many reasons to fill your life with sailing vacations and boating adventures when you take a course at Offshore Sailing School. For starters, there’s that extraordinary sense of freedom when the wind fills your sails. It’s exhilarating to take the helm again and even better when you don’t have to do anything but sign up and show up to get underway. Offshore Sailing School has alumni programs designed to open new horizons and tempt you to continue your sailing and boating education.
Upcoming Sailing Trips

Windward-Islands-Flotilla-Cruise-1_700x465Offshore Cruising Club Flotilla Cruises

Every year since the early 1970’s Offshore Sailing School has provided special alumni sailing cruises all over the world. When you take an Offshore Sailing School course, you are eligible to join an Offshore Cruising Club® sailing flotilla adventure – in the Caribbean, South Pacific, along the Coast of Maine, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bahamas – wherever the wind blows. Just sign up, pack your duffle and join the fun. Here are our upcoming sailing trips:

New York Harbor Sailing Clubs

Offshore Sailing School provides fleets of fun, high performance Colgate 26 sailboats for alumni use in New York Harbor, through its Colgate Offshore Sailing Club® out of Liberty Landing Marina in New Jersey and our Manhattan sailing club, North Cove Sailing Club out of North Cove Marina in lower Manhattan. Sailing in the orange hues of a glorious sunset is totally amazing. Participating in day sailing activities, casual races and social activities with new found friends is the perfect release to the pressures of city life. The clubs are open seven days a week with daysailing and evening and weekend racing.

Continuing Sailing Education (CSE)™

Even though you may have taken several courses with Offshore Sailing School, you never stop learning. The best sailors in the world will tell you there’s always something new to learn. Explore our many advanced course opportunities. Try a Racing Course. Learn more about Navigation and Passage Making. Sign up for our e-newsletter and stay in touch with Offshore Sailing School for new alumni courses and programs.

More Alumni Benefits

Contests with enticing prizes are held annually – just for Offshore Sailing School graduates. Discounts with our partners give you great benefits. Alumni Benefits are just one way we say “thank you” for choosing Offshore Sailing School, and referring Offshore Sailing School to friends and family.

Make a Difference

Offshore Sailing School invites graduates of our programs to join us in special events to raise money for good causes. These are fun sailing activities that add to your sailing knowledge, and bring camaraderie and a sense of pride to all who participate. Check our Special Events and Philanthropy pages and learn how you too can make a difference.

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