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Power Cruising Lessons at Offshore's Powerboat School

Coastal Power Boat Cruising Certification Course

Fast Track to Power Cruising® gives you what you need to know to handle power catamarans or any powerboat like a pro

It’s not uncommon to feel that commanding a big power boat requires little more than the ability to turn a key.  “What’s to learn?” some people ask, thinking they’ll just have the person they bought it from, or the renter, show them a few tricks and off they’ll go Power Boat Cruising.

It isn’t that simple. There are Rules of the Road to follow when boats approach each other, one is overtaking the other, or you find yourself in a crossing situation. There is special power boating etiquette that good boaters follow when out on the water. And there's always safety aboard to consider during powerboat cruising.

If you already have a passion for boating, you can fine tune your skills in our powerboat school. If you want to bring your family or friends up to powerboat cruising speed, this course will build trust in each other’s abilities without raised voices that come with uncertainty aboard. This powerboat learning experience gives you US Powerboating Coastal Powerboat Cruising Certification – and the ability for everyone aboard to take command in all situations. Best of all, you’ll learn what makes boating so much fun – knowing you’ve mastered safe boating practices. 

“The power cruising program was great! Most importantly was the confidence the course and instructor instilled throughout my participation. I’d recommend the program to anyone who questions their own skill sets.”
Dave MacDonald - Kingston, Ontario

A productive learning vacation with Offshore's Powerboat School

Navigation underway

At our Powerboat School, we'll teach you navigation skills for powering in channels, between points of land, in current and tides, and crowded waterways. Even though there are plenty of electronic aids aboard to give you what you need to know with a push of a few buttons – will you know where you are if you need help and your electrical system isn’t working at all?

Overboard recovery

What would you do, if one of your crew or family suddenly fell off the boat and you had to return quickly, maneuver alongside and pick them up? In this comprehensive Fast Track to Cruising® cruising course you’ll learn how to safely and quickly pick that person up.

Routine maintenance

You'll learn about and practice routine engine maintenance and how to operate all  electronics and machinery aboard.

Docking and anchoring

You’ll learn how to go to and from a dock in style with a smile; quietly indicating commands to your crew for maneuvers you’re about to make, and in return see them respond quickly and efficiently, with finesse. During our power boat class, you'll also learn how to safely anchor where there are no docks and avoid getting into trouble if the wind pipes up and your anchor doesn't hold.

Maneuvering in close quarters and wind

You’ll learn how to maneuver and secure your boat properly in a variety of wind and current conditions – common variables that can make docking quite embarrassing if you don’t have a clue and haven’t practiced the proper techniques.

What knots to use when

You’ll learn the appropriate knots and hitches, how to properly cleat when securing your boat to a dock, or fastening down items on deck.

Offshore Power Cruise School instructors are selected for their high level of knowledge, experience in boat handling and strong teaching and communication skills. Dedicated to your success, our US Powerboat Certified Instructors give you the knowledge and techniques to master everything you need to know to start chartering or powering on your own boat. You’ll go home with US Powerboating Coastal Powerboat Cruising Certification and the confidence to handle big boats like a pro on your next bareboat power boating vacation.

Your ticket to great power boating vacations

You and your crewmates will discover absolute confidence in your boat handling skills and seamanship knowledge aboard with Offshore’s Fast Track to Power Cruising course. Best of all – you’ll do all this on a fantastic boating vacation in the glorious British Virgin Islands; powering a Moorings power cat from island to island, anchoring or docking each night. After taking our power boat class, the next step takes you bareboating and vacationing in fabulous cruising grounds, in command of a Moorings power cat on your own.

The Moorings Power Cat

Flagship yacht of the Fast Track to Power Cruising Course

These power catamarans were designed in collaboration with The Moorings, Morrelli & Melvin Design and South African builder Robertson and Caine. You’ll  move about easily in three spacious levels with some very striking features. A huge fly bridge with steering station provides superb views over the water and comfortable seating for the group, plus, additional open space ideal for sunning. The main deck of these power catamarans boasts a spacious salon and galley area aft, and a pilothouse with inside steering and integrated seating forward. Large double cabins are located on the lower deck.

If your plans are to charter a powerboat in Europe, you may purchase the required International Proficiency Certificate from US Sailing (the governing authority for sailing and boating in the United States), with proof of your US Powerboating Coastal Powerboat Cruising Certification.

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