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Offshore Sailing Club Florida

On the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast, between Naples and Ft. Myers is the Fort Myers Beach. Offshore Sailing Club Florida sits in a stunning natural environment at the tip of Estero Island on this fun-filled island. Our Sail Boat Club offers unlimited sailing without having to reserve Boat Rentals to the Ft. Myers area & Florida. This is the premier Gulf Coast Sailing Club.

Our Sail Boat Club station is at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa, with Boat Club’s docks on the inner channel and sailing in the Gulf of Mexico around the corner. In a day of enjoying the wind and water, you'll enjoy the quiet freedom that comes with sailing just offshore. Sailing is your ticket to a lifetime of fun, in Florida or wherever the wind blows. You'll harness clean, free energy powered by wind; exercise brain and body, and nurture your soul.

Sailing on the Gulf is a treat

You are invited to join active sailing club adventurers in Florida like you – who love the water and great outdoors. You’ll enjoy hassle-free access to one of the most beautiful Sail Boat Clubs in Florida and the freedom to set sail whenever you like!

The Club is all about having fun! Whether you are full-time or part-time, working or retired, this Club is for you! And so is our fleet of award-winning Colgate 26 sailboats – fast, fun, safe and ergonomically friendly. Individuals, couples and families are welcome.

Our Club location offers grand sailing in the Gulf of Mexico off the Southwest Coast of Florida, with great accommodations ashore at the beautiful Pink Shell Beach Resort and Spa for Club members who’d like to spend a night or two on a mini vacation close to home. Of course, if you live in the area, all you have to do is book your time and show up for a day of relaxation on the water. A members' Calendar is available after you join for booking your times on the water.

Who may join

The Florida Sailing Club is exclusive to Offshore Sailing School gradates and their family members. At least two adults must hold Colgate Day Sailing or Performance Sailing certification for family memberships of two or more, but all are encouraged to take a course to make sure everyone is up to the same skill level for total sailing enjoyment. If you already know how to sail you can refresh your skills in a superb fast-paced Performance Sailing course. If you are just getting started, all you need is our comprehensive Learn to Sail course and you're in! All it takes is three days, and the life-changing knowledge you get is priceless.

Try a test sail and you'll be hooked

If you just want to test the waters, we invite you to come out for a one hour introductory learning experience with one of Offshore Sailing School's expert instructors and find out just how much sailing fun you can have with the club. This special sailing lesson costs just $60. We need a minimum of two, maximum of four to make this happen, so bring a friend or family members. To reserve your introductory test sail, please call 888-454-7015.

The Colgate 26 fleet you'll sail on

When you join the club you don't have to own a boat or even know someone who does. You will have full access to the award wining Colgate 26 - safe, comfortable, fast, easy to sail and virtually unsinkable. Designed by Steve Colgate and renowned naval architect Jim Taylor, the Colgate 26 won Cruising World magazine’s 1997 Boat of the Year Award in the Pocket Cruiser category. The United States Naval Academy, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Maine Maritime Academy and other service institutions chose the COLGATE 26 for training. Discover why the Colgate 26 is the mark of a quality sailing experience and the envy of many sailing clubs around the country.

Low membership dues - seasonal or annual

Low monthly dues get you started. You can join for a minimum of four months or more and share sailing with new friends you meet in the club, or go sailing with your family alone. Minimum age is 18. If joining as a family of three or four and you plan to sail together all the time, minimum age is 12. Of course, family members 18 or over may sail with other Club members whenever you like.

Couples and family members must all live in same household. Dues must be paid in full for the period of time you wish (minimum four months) at the time you join the first time, or one month prior to your renewal time each year. In addition to dues all club members must pay a $300 per person refundable security deposit when joining the club or renewing memberships each year. If you'd like to see the Florida Sailing Club agreement, please call 888-454-7015 and we'll send you a copy. There is also a one-time $50 per person check-out fee if you wish to take advantage of Club use in the New York metro area on the Hudson River when you travel to that area.

Annual or seasonal dues

Choose the number of consecutive months you wish to be a member, minimum four. Total dues for that period must be paid in full before you start sailing with the Club each season.

  • Individual membership – $245 per month
  • Two or more from same household – 10% off each member's monthly dues

How to take a course and get certified to join at great discounts

It's very easy to get certified.  All you need is three days and all you pay is 50% of the regular course tuition. You can take either the Learn to Sail or Performance Sailing course in three days – Monday through Wednesday or Friday through Sunday. You'll be amazed at how much you learn, and how inspiring the whole experience is. Here's what is included:

  • Three full days of instruction in the course of your choice
  • Colgates' Fast Track to Sailing for the Learn to Sail course
  • Steve Colgate's Performance Sailing for the Performance Sailing course
  • Graduation diploma and logbook to record all your sailing adventures from then on
  • Colgate Day Sailing or Performance Sailing certification
  • Free practice sail without the instructor aboard
  • A lifetime of fun

"Great value! I learned so much in the 3 days. The instructor was very professional & knowledgeable. Tim worked hard to make sure the information was understood, and then applied on the water.  By the way – the Colgate 26 is outstanding."
David R. Edwards, Glasgow, KY

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started in a sailing course and join the Gulf Coast Sailing Club today!

Call 888-454-7015 to talk to one of our friendly advisors.