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Colgate 26 Sailboat - The Family Sport Boat®.

Created by Steve Colgate, founder of Offshore Sailing School, the award-winning Colgate 26 sailboat gives confidence and skill to beginners, leisure and recreation to families and challenge to racers and adrenaline junkies.

Features of the Colgate 26 Sailboat for Sale

  • Solid fiberglass hull
  • Positive foam floatation makes it stable, safe and unsinkable
  • V-berth and two quarter berths
  • Large, self-bailing cockpit
  • Very low-maintenance and versatile as a trainer, racer and daysailer
  • Well-balanced and can be sailed easily with the mainsail or the jib alone
  • Symmetrical spinnaker sail can be flown without any extra props
  • Fully fitted for night sailing with lights and a battery charger
  • Easy to power with a small outboard motor
  • Portable head and insulated drink cooler for more time on the water
  • A length of 25 feet 8 inches, with a beam of 8 feet 6 inches, makes it completely legal to tow

Colgate 26 for sale – Steve Colgate

Many years of teaching experience went into the design and creation of the Colgate 26. With a design based on the future of sailing, the Colgate 26 was created out of a need for a reliable, versatile training sailboat.

In 1996, Steve and his team at Offshore Sailing School began searching for a replacement stock boat for the Olympic Class Soling sailboat that they had begun teaching on in 1967. After a long and futile search, Steve decided to design his own sailboat.

Steve came up with his version of the ideal teaching, racing and recreational vessel and marine architect Jim Taylor drew the lines. Precision Boat Works, based in Palmetto, Florida, was chosen to build it. Once the Colgate 26 was for sale to the public, the United States Naval Academy was one of the first to place an order.

The Colgate 26 is for sale to recreational boaters, teachers and racers. It is the only sailboat used by the Offshore Sailing School in their instructional courses. Used seven days a week, all year-round, it more than lives up to the highest expectations of performance, reliability and durability. To learn more about the Colgate 26, click here.

Sailboat for sale – Colgate 26 daysailer

Honors and Accolades

  • Club Nautique in California, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the Maine Maritime Academy and the United Kingdom Sailing Academy all use the Colgate 26 sailboat.
  • The Colgate 26 was Cruising World magazine’s Boat of the Year in the Pocket Cruiser Division in 1997.
  • Sailing Magazine called the Colgate 26 “an affordable daysailer that packs a performance punch while offering a stable ride.” 

The Colgate 26 sailboat is for sale with several standard equipment packages. There are very few optional costs involved with the Colgate 26. A complete sail package is standard, including full spinnaker gear and pole, guys, sheets, down haul, topping lift and halyards. Optional features include a sink and berth cushions.

Often called “a boat for all reasons,” excellent performance, outstanding safety features and a low-maintenance design combine with comfort and durability to make the Colgate 26 a great value as a family leisure boat, a teaching vessel and a high-speed racing machine.

Call Steve Colgate at 239-985-7505 or email about purchasing a new Colgate 26