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Two-Day Weekend Certification Course 

Tuition is $590 per person, $490 per person if two or more sign up at the same time to learn together. Full payment is due when you enroll. You can pick up your Fast Track to Sailing textbook at one of our NY Harbor offices, or go online and purchase it through Amazon in hard copy or e-format for your Kindle or tablet.

Accelerated Course Available April Through October 2016
Only at our New York Harbor Locations

North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City, NYC 




Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ 


Weekend Saturday/Sunday Schedule

  • Classroom Instruction each morning 9-10:30 am
  • Six hours of Hands-On Sailing Instruction each day from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm with an hour lunch break back ashore in between
  • Any Saturday/Sunday weekend April 9 through October 29 at Liberty Landing Marina, May 7 through October 29 at North Cove Marina

Evening Schedule Available Only in July

  • Wednesday and Thursday over two consecutive weeks, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
  • June through September when there’s still light in the evening
  • No classroom sessions, please order the On-line Learn to Sail Course to prepare for this course (cost not included in your tuition)
  • Remaining course dates are July 6 and 7; July 13, 14, 20, and 21; July 27, 28, August 3 and 4.

Join Our Sailing Club for a Season of Fun

When you finish the Accelerated Learn to Sail course you are eligible to join the Colgate Offshore Sailing Club and enjoy sailing close to home all summer long!  Sunday evening at the end of the course you get a diploma and our official Logbook to record your sailing adventures for the rest of your life! You may opt for US Sailing Certification at an extra charge of $75 per person.

What You Learn

The Learn to Sail Certification course is fast paced, giving you more skills and knowledge than any other sailing school on the harbor. Depending on weather conditions and the learning pace of all in your class (maximum four per boat per instructor), the following knowledge and skills are learned and practiced.

  • Getting underway
  • Proper winch techniques
  • Finding wind direction
  • Points of sailing
  • Tacking and jibing
  • Maneuvering in close quarters
  • Wind pressure and lift
  • Heeling and stability
  • Apparent wind

  • Wind shifts
  • Sailing wing and wing
  • Stopping and starting under sail
  • Crew overboard pick-up
  • Sailing backwards
  • Rudderless sailing
  • Sail trim and sail shape
  • Boat balance
  • Hull speed

  • Leaving and returning to a dock
  • Most used knots
  • Right-of-way rules
  • Grounding remedies
  • Heaving-to
  • Steering with a compass
  • Sailing in current
  • Weather and lee helm
  • Chart work while sailing
  • Shortening sails in heavy weather

Pre-requisite for the Learn to Sail course: No prior sailing experience required

More Information

Completion of this Accelerated Learn to Sail Course prepares you for Skipper or Crew Membership in the Colgate Offshore Sailing Club at Liberty Landing Marina in New Jersey or North Cove Sailing Club in Battery Park City.

Classroom sessions and certification testing are held on the red lightship if you take the course at Liberty Landing Marina; at the Offshore Sailing School classroom at One North End Ave., (also known as 300 Vesey St.) at North Cove Marina. You may take the certification test (which takes about 1-1/2 hours) immediately after your last sailing session, or at another date at your convenience.

Don’t want to book online? Call 212-786-4888 or 888-454-7015

Email Meg Reilly (in our NY office) 


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